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Feelings develop too fast harm, how to control the development of feelings too fast?

There are a lot of men who feel that their development and girls are too slow, feel that they can not see the hope of the future, but also afraid because girls do not like to guess their own drag, although the emotional development is too slow is not very good, and in fact, the development of feelings too fast also has many drawbacks. Below for everyone to analyze the emotional development too fast what are the harms? How can you control the rapid development of feelings?

“Relationship moved too fast how to fix” 

First, the harm of emotional development too fast

1, there is no emotional basis.

A lot of young men and women are actually confused together, two people look right on each other added WeChat, chat every day flirting, unknowingly determined the relationship, we know fast, fast progress, no emotional basis to break up fast, no one is serious.

2, do not want to take the time to understand a person.

Many men and women are used to fast, food-style love, they are not willing to spend time, sink their hearts to understand a person, feel slowly understand a person is too tired, only need the other side to give a little response on the satisfaction, such feelings, of course, can not belong.

3, no longer believe in love.

Some men and women because the first relationship developed too fast, leading to follow-up problems: do not understand, distrust, too hard to get the corresponding return … Slowly will not love as before, and no longer have illusions about love.

Emotional development too fast not only can not get your ideal love, but will be because of the beginning of the whole body and mind, to later found that it is not the case at all, and turn to love discouraged, so love development too fast is not a good thing.

Second, feelings develop too fast how to control them?

When two people in love feel that the development of too fast, found that sometimes too much chat, occasionally will suddenly have nothing to say, a few days will not be sweet all day. This kind of time first don’t panic, plain on busy on their own things to find some fun, two people have a little of their own time to relax is also very good. Even if the feelings are not sweet also do not worry, as long as the other party has been, willing to spend this love with you in the light period, so that the development of feelings slow down, the end can be reversed.

Then, it is recommended that you both seriously face-to-face discussion, what your needs for each other is, but also tell each other what the bottom line is, which I like, what you like, what you like but I don’t like points we want to do, really, openly, let each other know better, see if you can go on for a long time.

“Relationship moved too fast how to fix”

In general, romantic love will one day become difficult, if you develop too fast, then you will shorten the romantic time, because soon like an old wife. Although you all want to nag each other, feel that the words do not speculate more than half a sentence, or said is basically an extension of the last sentence. But too slow progress may make one party give up, so the rhythm of love still needs to be their own grasp.

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