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The ability to express emotions can be improved through practice, and it is not immaculate. There are many ways to help you improve your emotional expression.

First, you can start with simpler emotional expressions. For example, say to the mirror every morning and evening, “I feel like I’m feeling it today because it’s happening today.” “At the beginning, you may feel awkward because you’re not used to expressing emotions. It is only through constant expression that you can get used to it, and as time goes on, you will become more and more comfortable with expression.

When describing emotions, try not to use “good”, “bad” and other evaluative words, but directly use emotional-related words, such as “happy”, “low”, “angry” and so on, if you feel that you lack a wealth of emotional vocabulary, can not find the right words to express, you can usually read more novels about psychology, or directly search the Internet “have … What kind of emotion is it? “Look what words other people use.

“How to show affection”

In addition to practicing with yourself, you can also seek out trusted people to practice emotional expression, such as friends and so on. Choose to communicate with friends when the mood is relatively mild, do not wait for emotional excitement to express, then you may not be able to control yourself well, but to combat your self-confidence. For example, when a person is very angry, he may yell, not conducive to communication with friends; “He doesn’t get out of control because he’s too angry.

If you find it really hard to say something emotional, you can try to talk about it in a second language. When using a second language, it’s easier for people to talk about words that would otherwise be difficult to say. Because the second language inspires less subconscious shame. When people describe emotions in a second language, they seem to be separated from themselves, and it is this distance that makes it easier for people to analyze and express themselves rationally. The next time you find it uncomfortable to talk about emotions, you can switch to a second language.

“How to show affection”

In addition to verbal expressions, we can also try to express emotions in other ways, such as writing, painting, etc. Choose a way to start expressing in the way that makes you most comfortable. Moreover, words and pictures can be preserved, you can see the progress of emotional expression ability, but also in the future to trace the change of mood over a period of time, more conducive to emotional management.

If you’re not good at expressing emotions before, after reading today’s article, we encourage you to practice self-expression in a safe environment, and perhaps when you start expressing it, you’ll find that “expressing emotions isn’t hard or scary”, but rather gives you the opportunity to self-examine and make deep connections with others.



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