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If you knew you were going to get divorced one day, you wouldn’t have chosen to get married. But life is like this, some people walk away.

Divorce is a huge psychological trauma, psychology believes that divorce on a person’s injury, second only to the death of a loved one.

“How divorce changes a man”

First of all, divorce is a kind of negation.

Denial of feelings, a negation of each other, negation of self – a simple truth is that divorce proves that your original choice was wrong.

What people fear most, or the hardest to accept, is actually denying themselves. Therefore, many divorcees will become unconfident, even with low self-esteem, their future life is skeptical and pessimistic attitude.

Second, divorce is a kind of closing.

The so-called can’t put down, in fact, just can’t complete the cut.

The most typical is in the marriage of betrayal, in fact, if a person betrays you, especially if the betrayal has been going on, such a person also has no value and meaning to retain. However, you will find that many people still do not give up, but also the other side as a treasure – you can not give up, in fact, not the other side, but with the other side to build up this relationship, because you put in, paid, so you can not accept their own efforts for so many years to pay the water.

Divorce means that, accept it or not, whether you want it or not, it’s a fait accompli. It’s like cutting off a piece of meat, and although you may know that it’s the pathogen that’s cut off, it must be painful.

“How divorce changes a man”

Third, the disorder of the intrinsic value system.

This is what many people will encounter without realizing it.

You’ve always dealt with life in a certain way, and then life has suddenly hit you with hate, and that’s when of course you question the way you live, question your values, and so on.

For example, you used to be kind, but you were hurt by kindness; for example, you used to be willing to trust others, but now you feel that no one is credible – this deep impact on the intrinsic value system is often fatal.

Because in reality, a lot of otherwise good people, after divorce into another person. You will find that many divorcees become extreme, paranoid, narrow, closed… These are the after-effects of divorce.

“How divorce changes a man”

Fourth, fear of the future.

The future is always unpredictable, and divorcees face the future, often pessimistic and negative, they will always give themselves to assume that the future is not good situations, such as a person can no longer meet the right person, and then lonely old;

Marriage is a habit, divorce is the end of this habit – the change of habit must make people very uncomfortable, uncomfortable. If your marriage is happy, you can anticipate the future, and it’s all good, but in divorce, you can’t anticipate the future, and your assumptions about the future will be dark.

But in fact, this is only their own imagination. Life’s helplessness lies in impermanence, life’s fun lies in impermanence – impermanence may be bad, maybe good, our life may encounter flying disaster, but may also encounter surprises.

If you get divorced, don’t think about the past that can’t be changed, because it doesn’t make any sense, and don’t think about too much of the future, because God doesn’t know what the future holds – all you can do is life now, have a good day, and the rest of your life will be fine.

Divorce is a kind of hurt, but it is not a failure, it is just scenery on the road of your life, and experience.

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