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In the last month, the number of men confiding in me about emotional problems has suddenly increased, and I don’t know why. Moreover, there are several men, the content of the confidant is generally “special regret after divorce”, some regret not to run a good marriage, some regret that they are too impulsive, should not leave the marriage actually really away. 

“How divorce changes a man—-do you regret it after the divorce”

I’m curious, do men regret divorce? It doesn’t seem to be the same. But I don’t really care about men at the moment, and I’m interested in whether a woman will regret it after her divorce.

Because I am a man, a man’s mind I can generally understand, but women, women after the divorce how to think? I’m curious.

So I interviewed 10 divorced women, ranging in age from 23 to 45, and divorces ranging from one month to 11 years.

I presented the interview and looked at what they said.

1,23 years old, married for one year and divorced for one month

regret? Divorce is a relief, why regret it? What I regret is why I married him.

Now think of, really do not know why their head melon a hot, married, my parents at that time strongly opposed, said I was young, a few years later marriage is okay when I thought he loved me, do not want to miss him.

“How divorce changes a man—-do you regret it after the divorce”

But as soon as I got married and I was pregnant, I found him talking to someone on his cell phone. I don’t say anything, hit the child, divorce, I hate myself, really hate! Immature.

2.25 years old, married for one year, divorced for six months

Just divorced that one or two months, the heart really repeated, because the divorce I mentioned, when he also knelt to beg me, but the more he begs me, the more I annoy him.

At that time a little pity him, feel that he is not too much, and my parents, his parents have been advising me, I just do not listen, look at him feel dirty.

Yes, that month or two is difficult, after all, there are still three years of feelings, a year of marriage. But in less than three months, he found a new girlfriend, I found that I am right, not to mention have any regrets do not regret.

3.26 years old, married for one year, divorced for one year

I’m only 26 years old, he’s a year younger than me. We’ve only been married for less than a year, and we hardly do a couple’s business, and sometimes I make him laugh and he doesn’t respond.

And he does not have a decent career, do what is three days fishing two days sun netting, just married less than a year, we owe more than 200,000, how to live in the future?

You want me to be in trouble with you, yes, but you have to come up with some attitude.

4.28 years old, married for three years, divorced for one year

Marrying him was the right decision I made because I loved him. Divorce from him was the right decision I made because I didn’t love him anymore.

Too many quarrels, too many out-of-sync, let us never say anything to say, plus I can not get pregnant, has no children, two people do not know what this marriage is for, it is better to separate friendly, to find their own life.

“How divorce changes a man—-do you regret it after the divorce”

5.28 years old, married for one year, divorced for two years

Divorce is he to leave, away from two years, now he has a new object, estimated to be getting married, a few days ago also contacted me, said miss me, think of my good, he should regret almost.

I regret it? How is it possible, although I am now a person, I live quite full?

Not only do not regret, but I also want to thank the divorce or divorce, I may still be waiting for others to raise my children, face, fear, now I have some income, but also saved 780,000 yuan, next year can pay a down payment, buy a house.

6.35 years old, married for four years, divorced for three years

As soon as I think about it, I’m 35 and not young. Marry him, I want to tie the knot, I know he doesn’t like me, but I just love him.

Four years of marriage, every quarrel, is I coax him, he has been very strange temper, I have been tolerant, I think I can move him, change him.

But I was wrong, and the less he loved me, the more I wanted to please him.

It wasn’t until after the divorce that I realized that I could live with dignity, and now I can’t imagine why I did it.

7.38 years old, married for seven years, divorced for three years

Hahahaha, I don’t know, I don’t know if I should regret it. When together, everyday quarrel, mainly because of the money.

Divorced, his career suddenly changed, temper also changed. Now that I’m single with him and the kids are in junior high school, we sometimes get together because of the kids.

I also do not want to remarry, I think this is very good, some people, do not do husband and wife, better than to be a husband and wife.

Well, these are these different ages of female friends, in the face of divorce after whether they have regretted the answer, the answer is almost the same, everyone has nothing to regret.

So, in fact, people are still very realistic, we are together, you are all I have, not together, you are nothing, even can not think of. Where there is “we have to owe each other, we want to break the wire.

I hope there is no divorce, there are contradictions, try to solve it, do not really wait for divorce, and then go back to think, and then miss or regret.

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