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1. Daily compliments

In fact, praise is a kind of recognition, not petite, such as boys cooking, the correct way of praise should be “Wow, you cooked super delicious ah, did not expect your craft so good, I eat addictive how to do?” Instead of saying, “Wow, the food you cooked is delicious, and I’d feel super happy if I could eat the food you made for me every day.”

Although the statement means the same, the difference is that you guide the boys to say “Okay, then I often do it for you.” ”

And the second is more like an instruction, I need you to do this for me, the communication effect and results will be different.

The key to guidance is that you want the boys to want to do it for you, not because courting you becomes a burden.

“Deep things to say to your boyfriend—-praise your boyfriend”

Let’s say small animals can’t be directed to themselves? Of course, “you like small animals so much ah, listen to others say like small animals boys are super good to take care of people, suddenly feel-good happiness.” ”

When you follow the daily routine, you will find that moving your mouth can make him care more and more about you getting better and better. But pay attention to master the timing and rhythm of praise. Praise should be immediate. If there is good behaviour, praise should be given immediately, not delayed. Otherwise, he can’t figure out why he’s being praised, so he won’t be impressed, reducing the role of reinforcement.

The number of compliments should not be too frequent. If a boyfriend is always praised, he will act for praise, which will hinder the formation of his inner motivation.

2. Contrasting praise

“Deep things to say to your boyfriend—-praise your boyfriend”

For boys, praising work or study is definitely one of the most exciting points, when he is excited to talk to you about his breakthrough, first listen to him finished, interested in asking, he will be very proud to explain to you. At this time you have to be an open-minded and good student, in the process of constantly winking to show “Oh my God, this is so difficult you will!” “You’ve solved this problem!” ”、…… Don’t be stingy praise, the more straightforward the better, harsh praise, how to say how to be energetic.

The point of praise in this situation is that you have to have a contrast. For example, you say, “Wow, you’re so good, I can’t figure it out”, or someone else, “They’re good, but in my heart, you’re the best!” (When the reference is someone else, remember not to belittle others, which may make your boyfriend feel less good)

A man is the most narcissistic group that can’t be complimented, and if you give him a spark of stars, he’ll be able to snuff out a prairie.

3. Reward praise

Praise the rhetoric formula, behaviour, feeling, feedback

Behaviour: Describe the actual behaviour of the other person you see first.

Feelings: Describe the subjective feelings that each other’s actions give you. That is, I am particularly happy, very moved.

Feedback: Finally, integrate the final positive effects of the just-described “behaviour plus feelings”.

When the boyfriend for your needs to make a certain amount of effort and effort, can not be given a separate oral reward, this time to sublimate.

Don’t ignore your boyfriend’s slight commitment to you, praise is an affirmation, with encouragement naturally more willing to pay more.

4. Inform the praise

“Deep things to say to your boyfriend—-praise your boyfriend”

The above three points are all private praise, the following to introduce district-wide briefing praise – the social circle of praise!

Boys are very concerned about their own evaluation in the circle, that is, the so-called face, so in front of his friends or in the social circle to praise, will give boys great pleasure, and will give girls a lot of social value, so in front of the praise is extremely important!

We should praise some of the details of his daily life to deal with the good things, these others are easier to ignore, more likely to highlight his merits.

There is also a dark compliment in social situations is that when you praise other women’s boyfriends or attach compliments to others, quietly come to his ear and say “or your best” the most important thing is that after you praise, be sure to find a good angle, smile and look at him. It Will make your praise effect stable, double the effect!

You can also praise social networks such as friends or FB. For example, boyfriends often help you order a lot of fruit, you can send a circle of friends said, boyfriends every day to help call the fruit plate takeaway, deeply feel that modern women to maintain spiritual independence based on a little insist that life can not take care of themselves is also good. Not only can one continue to brazenly insist on life can not take care of themselves, the but boyfriend will also continue to be very happy to help you order takeaways.

Boyfriends are the more boastful the better. There is a praise effect in psychology that says praise is an affirmation of a person’s worth, and the person who gets your affirmation tends to satisfy your expectations of him with a potential sense of happiness. Praise your boyfriend and you’ll get a more desirable boyfriend!

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