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A gentle sentence to comfort a boyfriend

1. Men can’t cry, but my little boy can

2. How does the world ask you that’s its business?

I’m most eccentric to you, my sugar is for you

No matter what, you will always be my little boy

4. Grievances are suffered if you still can’t grow

That’s a loss, too, so come on my boy

5. Just be yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re weird

It doesn’t matter if I’m not like everyone else, I’ll always be on your side

“Deep things to say to your boyfriend—-comfort your boyfriend” 

6. All the gentleness that the world owes you, I’ll pay it back

7. It’s okay Oh, my boy can’t

Petite little temper can cry I hold you

8. Don’t be sad The world is like bullying good people

9. Never care about the slurs in his population

I’ll give you a castle with my hug

10. Boys can’t be protected, but my boys can

11. No matter how harsh the world is, I love you.

12. Sad to say I will accompany you

“Deep things to say to your boyfriend—-comfort your boyfriend”

13. Today you become a little boy, my shoulder is lent to you

14. I’ll help you block them. You can only be sad for a little while

15. No matter what, you’re the best

16. I know it’s hard to get bored lately

Hold on a little longer, and it’s going to get through


17. If I’m tired, come and hold it in my arms for a moment

18. You are my own child, I love you

19. I’ll always be with you, so don’t be sad

20. You don’t have to look down to listen to me this time

I can also touch you with my toes

21. No matter how stormy it is outside

My arms are always quiet and warm

22. Even if the whole world betrays you

I’ll be your last piece of luggage, too 

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