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For women, love is above all else, and if you find that you don’t deserve her love, or if your feelings can’t continue, it’s the best way for them to protect themselves.

I most admire a woman, they in the feelings, can afford to put down, after accumulating enough disappointment, even if they love a man, they can be able to achieve ruthless and unjust love.

“When a woman gives up on a relationship”

No matter how important the man had been to her before, but once she decided to let go, she pulled out in time and stopped as soon as possible. It seems that before the injury, they are all over the eye because they know that love is not the whole of life, they have their own life.

When a woman becomes desperate, she doesn’t put her dependence on men because she understands that bread makes them feel safer than love. They are more determined that they are right, they can let themselves live to be able to add to the sprinkling, rational women will not leave men to hurt their own opportunities. You know, a woman’s true love is not disassembled but becomes like this. 


Keep silent and stop saying anything extra to you.

One or two small things, not enough to make women desperate, but those in the long year’s countless small things, have let their hearts have become full of holes, so keep quiet, do not want to cry, do not want to make a fuss, do not want to say more to you, become very calm, heart like water.

Man, does not break out in silence, in silence more silent, that is all thoughts, do not hold any expectations of a kind of desireless. When she fell in love with you, she stopped messing with you as before, playing with her little temper but became silent. Silence is a woman’s greatest heart, is her heartbreak crying, but also the most obvious change after her love.

“When a woman gives up on a relationship”

3. Think of you as a stranger, indifferent, don’t care about everything about you

When love is there, it exudes tenderness and joy. When love goes, it also releases the cruelty of ruthlessness and indifference. Love you when you are my only since you do not know how to cherish, put me hurt without skin, then I will let go, choose to let go is not love, but cold, I will not look back at you.

When a woman completely abandons this relationship, she will not ask you everything, whether you are good or bad, will not become a woman’s heart worry. From then on, you will not make a wave in her heart, all your circumstances, have nothing to do with her, the past of everything ruthlessly formatted, you as a stranger, indifferent, do not care about you everything.

“When a woman gives up on a relationship”

4. No more soft heart, no longer forgive you

Love a person can be soft-hearted, even humble, but when she sees the nature of this relationship, do not love, will be desperate to become a hard-hearted woman. Heart-tingling woman almost nine cows can not pull back, your tears and begging can not touch her the slightest.

Some men can not understand, why women used to be particularly soft-hearted, good temper, why in the break-up with their own will be so desperate, has the feelings are false? They don’t understand that women are so desperate, just because the former soft heart let themselves too hurt. A hard-hearted fast knife is a form of protection for yourself.

Women are too soft-hearted, so they will be hurt without skin. Men in the thought of a woman’s heart, but had thought that if you were to cherish, will not create the present love of her.

Many men always think that a woman’s love is nothing but a big noise, the two people’s feelings boiling, old death is not connected. In fact, otherwise, the more women cry, the more it shows that her heart still cares about each other, reluctant to separate. And the woman’s real love does not contact but become like above.

Originally women are gentle like water, just want to be a bird depending on people’s good lover. But when men give them repeated injuries and blows, let them become cold and desperate.

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