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Girls completely give up your performance, there are these 4 kinds of performance, indicating that she will not look back.

When a girl loves you, she will take you as a part of her life, will take the initiative to pay for you, this time if you do not know how to cherish her love, then her enthusiasm may slowly cool down, until finally completely give up you, no longer look back. What’s the performance of a girl who gives up on you altogether?

Girls completely give up your performance 1, ignore you

A woman who still loves you will say nothing to you, and when she wants to give up on you, even if you contact her voluntarily, she may not be able to talk to you, but more or less will respond, and when she completely abandons you, she will not talk to you, because she has no feelings for you, you are very disappointed. At this time, even if you keep asking for her, constantly asking for forgiveness, is indifferent. Because when a girl is really determined to do something, it’s hard to turn her back.

“When a woman gives up on a relationship—-there are four kinds of performance”

Girls completely give up your performance 2, will not meet you again

The girl who loves you can’t wait to be tired of being with you all the time, and a girl completely abandons you, even if it’s just a simple meeting, she won’t say yes. She doesn’t want to break with you anymore, because she wants to end this relationship without feelings.

Girls completely give up your performance 3, blacken you

Delete all your contact information, this is a more extreme and more determined way, if really come to this point, it must not have a chance to go back to the past.

A lot of times, women say break up to be retained. She just thinks you don’t love her that much, or she just feels like you’ve ignored her during this time, she wants you to take her seriously, and if you cajole her a little bit, she’ll be fine. But when she is determined to leave you, completely give up you, no matter how you coax her will not stay, she will not mention the break-up many times, will only use an action to prove to you that she has completely abandoned you, there is no way back.

The girl completely abandons your performance 4 and does not grant your request.

“When a woman gives up on a relationship—-there are four kinds of performance”

Love away most of the time is to take the initiative to give, when a woman loves you, she will care about you, will also help you, she will give you what they have, even not half a little favour to give, as long as you want, as long as she has, she can be unreserved to you, this is a woman’s, deep love.

And when she doesn’t want to pay for you, or even ignore your request, it means you broke her heart. Not agreeing is the beginning of not loving, a woman who refuses you is not half-expecting of you.

If you really go this far, then you do not try to save, because the wood has become a boat, for this girl has not returned to the previous possibility.

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