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When a boy really loves you, that’s what you should be.

When you don’t have that doubt.

Second, due diligence to take you into their own hands.

Third, will not want to indulge, every day to take the initiative to contact.

For the future, his plan must have you.

Five, laugh at first sight, laugh when you think about it, laugh when you talk about it.

“When a guy loves you,and what is it?”

Six, everything depends on you.

Seven, especially care what you say.

Eight, love in front of you to express themselves.

Nine. Have a lot of respect for the people around you.

Ten, you will have a full desire for protection. 

“When a guy loves you,and what is it?”

Eleven, will want to see you every day.

Twelve, will stare at you from time to time.

Thirteen, will want to take your hand.

Fourteen, will leave the best to you.

Fifteen, will share with you the events of the day.

Sixteen, people are your heart is your money is your life is also yours.

Seventeen, low self-esteem, whimsy, possessive desire, easy to be jealous, especially care about your feelings, always give priority to you.

Eighteen, see you, like seeing an angel, can not extricate themselves, pay attention to your every move, you will want to send a copy will say is not their own.

Nineteen, all day full of you, want to contact you, but do not have that courage, every time I see you, even if the mood is not good, will laugh very happy.

Twenty, any temper will not be angry with you, want to take you to a lot of places, want to take you to eat all over the food, want to accompany all the time, want to take … marriage certificate.

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