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One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve ever received is:

Does he really like me, or is he just playing?

It seems that this is the most difficult problem for the vast majority of girls because they can never judge a man’s sincerity.

All said that the authorities fans, bystanders clear, but in fact sometimes even the people around, it is really easy to be confused by some superficial phenomena. It’s you who can really feel the other person’s heart.

Men’s behaviour on and after dating is very confusing and deceptive.

So many girls after dating will start to think back to all kinds of details, trying to find the other person really like their own clues, but also will find the other person may not love their own details.

If a man has these ten manifestations, he must be in complete love with you.

“When a guy loves you” 


Become patient

In fact, for girls, most boys will find trouble. Because they tend to live a simple life and hate complicated and cumbersome things.

And the conflict between the boys is also very simple, perhaps fight a can be a brother, so boys really easy to become impatient.

When a boy accustomed to walking fast, willing to take the initiative to slow down his pace to wait for you;

When a short-tempered boy, willing to start paying enough time to wait for you;

When an impatient boy is willing to listen to your endless ramblings, he must be willing to change his character for you.

Because I love you, I am willing to give myself all the patience.

“When a guy loves you”

2 won’t go away for no reason

The reason why a boy lets a girl guess his sincerity is because of his behavioural attitude.

We found that in many people’s ambiguous periods, girls are always hesitating whether they should take the initiative to find him to chat. And boys are like a mysterious species that appears and disappears from time to time.

You must know that if a person really likes you, it will not disappear for no reason.

It’s like a very hot paragraph on Weibo before, some people say they’re going to eat, they’re going to take a bath, they’re going to wash it, they’re going to work…

“When a guy loves you”

Everyone has their own life, no one can do 24 hours a day can be with another person at any time. But the person who takes you to heart will certainly have a report on you after he is busy.

It’s not about getting the job done, it’s about giving you peace of mind with what you can do.

3 Will be jealous

If someone sees you with the opposite sex and remains indifferent, he must not love you enough.

People who care enough about you, even one of your eyes to someone else, will be jealous.

To get a doll of her own favourite, the girl asked the shop assistant for two minutes but completely ignored the prickly eyes projected behind her. Eventually, the boyfriend paid for the doll and took the girl away.

‘It’s really jealous to watch someone you like to look like someone else,’ he said.

People who don’t like you, even if you’re close to the opposite sex, will feel normal, and those who fall in love with you completely are afraid that your every move will fascinate others.

Jealousy is a boy’s basic possessiveness to the person he loves.

4. Learn to prefer

There is a good saying, the lover’s eyes out of Xishi.

Clearly, everyone is just the peaceful person in this thousand world, but in the eyes of some people, you are always full of light.

Some things are clearly something he particularly hates, but if the person who did it is you, he will feel a lot more comfortable.

A boy with a serious cleaning habit never lets anyone touch his cutlery and cups. But when one day he met a girl and drank his milk tea, and when she handed back the milk tea with a little lipstick, he just picked it up in silence.

This is probably the so-called, preferred feeling.

Even though I have a million standards, when I meet you, you become my standard.

5 Consciously keep your distance from the opposite sex

I met a girl who complained to me that her boyfriend had too much honey.

But whenever she tried to keep him at his distance from the so-called honey, he would always lose his temper, saying he was just having some good friends and even accusing her of being careful.

He said such a sentence: and you fall in love, I do not even have the right to make friends?

At that time, she was naïve to believe this sentence, until later met a person, from the day he was with her, he will no longer go alone to other heterosexual covenants. If anything, he’ll take her with him.

So what can’t be left behind is the whole fish pond that he doesn’t want to give up for you.

People who really like you will be willing to take the initiative to give you enough security.

6. There will be no cold violence

Two people together will inevitably produce contradictions, but most of the boys in the conflict will choose to escape.

Cold violence becomes the solution for most couples.

But two people together are really not afraid of quarrelling, most afraid of the cold war. Both men of the Cold War were selfish, waiting to apologize to themselves, but no one wanted to bow.

If a man can only solve problems through the cold war, he must be selfish.

Men with really high emotional intelligence think about their contradictions from a rational point of view and communicate in the right way. He won’t make a senseless apology, let alone wait for you to bow.

Love requires impulse, but more reason.

Because he knows that he is more afraid of losing you than he is of judging right and wrong.

7. Like your worst look

When two people are just together, girls will always dress very delicately;

Some fans asked me, boyfriends hate their own plain face without makeup how to do it?

What I’m trying to say is: Do you want to put on fine makeup every day before he wakes up after you get married?

Some people may like your best look, but they will leave when they see your worst. But for some people, even in the worst of times, he can still love you that way.

Some people like the way you have long hair, some people like the way you have short hair, but there are always people who like all the way you look.

Because he likes it, it’s just you.

8. Be willing to spend time and money on you

All say that love is terrible, one person is always waiting, while the other person is always busy.

When you make dinner, he tells you you can’t eat with you, when you do a holiday outing, he tells you to work overtime and not go out with you, and when you book a movie ticket, he’s late to miss the best story…

You say understandable, but at the same time, you feel that you are talking about a person’s love.

Can’t say he doesn’t love you, because he wants to give you a better life to have to pay these, for you, but also yourself.

When a person is completely in love with you, he will arrange his own things early, freeing up time to give you a certain degree of companionship.

He won’t let you direct this love alone, he knows more about two people to pay each other.

He will understand the sacrifices you have made and will be willing to sacrifice for you, whether it be time or money.

Those who know how to sacrifice each other in love are the ones who really deserve to love.

9. I hope you become his ideal type

This is a more subversive view of traditional cognition because perhaps many people will feel that if a person really loves me should feel that I am perfect.

But in fact, if a man tells you what his ideal wife is like, let you learn that it means that he really has a love for you.

It’s a man’s idealization of the person he loves. He has a perfect wife in his heart, so he wants to be the perfect wife in you. Not every man is willing to transform others.

Everyone’s heart will actually have an idealized standard for their other half, if he wants you to become the ideal look, it means that he is really in love with you.

Otherwise, he could change directly to a girl with his standards.

10. No more carefree, whatever you want

Ideally, I would feel that the most important thing for two people to be together is to be happy, if not happy, there is no meaning in being together.

So love should be happy and sweet in everyone’s eyes.

But in fact, really into love, he must not be so happy.

Those prodigal sons in the field of love can be in a lot of heterosexuals, never have to experience what is called the pain of falling out of love, because they have never really fallen in love with a person.

When you completely fall in love with a person, your emotions will be affected by the other person’s joy and sorrow, you will be afraid of the other person’s departure, afraid of loss.

Those who do not fall in love with this stage are happy, and those who fall in love with this stage are painful.

If he had been in complete love with you, he would not have been so carefree and freewheeling.

Two people together, all the pay and gain should be mutual.

If you only know to enjoy other people’s pay, it must be very difficult to long-term.

Love this thing is so complex, knowing that the present is a fire, but one by one also did not rush into the fire. Even if you know that each other who are completely in love may become less happy, you believe that the joy of love will outweigh the pain.

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