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Many couples break up is actually because of all kinds of misunderstandings, wait until the real break-up after both sides may regret it, this time will think about how to compound. Boys are better, generally want to compound on direct action. And the ex-girlfriend even want to compound will be very euphemistic, many boys do not understand. Below to share with you the ex-girlfriend who wants to compound the hint, but here also to warn everyone whether to agree to compound or refuse to think clearly.

First, the ex-girlfriend wants to compound the hint

1, she will pretend to carelessly still have feelings for your information, revealed to your mutual friends, and then your mutual friends will pretend to accidentally disclose to you. Your mutual friends will never be embarrassed in the middle because you broke up, but will happily act as a middle-of-the-roader. 

“Signs my ex girlfriend wants me back”

2, she will meet you for a variety of reasons, to see you, close to you; When she sees you, will have an emotional vein, staring at you for several seconds, with eyes to tell you that she still has feelings for you; Also, she will be drunk, send you a message, call, tell you what’s in her heart, wake up and pretend that nothing happened… These behaviours are testing the water to see if you still feel about her.

3. If she deletes your contact details and social account numbers before, or pulls you into the blacklist, she will now pull you out of the blacklist and add your contact information back one by one.

4, she will and you recall the past, such as send you a message to say “remember we did XX things, went to XX place, miss ah”, or as a friend invited you to re-visit together, walk to see, relive the beauty of the time. The aim is to arouse your nostalgia.

“Signs my ex girlfriend wants me back”

5, she will always remain single, refuse any dating or dating, reject other men’s pursuits and gestures, and put her these actions through various ways, such as through mutual friends, through the mood class dynamic information, through directly tell you about her recent emotional situation, so that you know that her heart has you, she gave up into a new relationship because of you.

6, when she is in trouble, will find you for help, trying to stimulate your hero complex and protective desire, so that you can not bear to refuse her request, and then can not bear to reject her feelings for you, through weakness to win your heart again. She will also often contact you, tell you what’s on your mind, and make you feel like you’re still on her back.

7, she will often contact you, and you talk about her various life and work chores, her mood state, her depressed confusion, as if you have not separated, she will talk to you on the phone porridge, and you share their own life bit by bit. She continues to open up to you because she feels familiar with you, comfortable and at ease with you, and wants to compound the performance.

“Signs my ex girlfriend wants me back”

8, she saw you and other women ambiguous, heard that you and other women date, and even feel that you have a favourable feeling for other women, and launched the pursuit, she will be very angry, union believed, particularly emotional, and even jealous mad.

9. When you find out that your ex-girlfriend has done the above, it means that she wants to compound. And knowing that she wants to compound her mind, it’s up to you to respond.

Second, the ex-girlfriend wants to compound how should respond

Current girlfriend frequently shows you want to compound the signal, if you do not want to compound, cold treatment, close your heart door, do not go to see her, do not give her any hope, continue to live your life. You don’t need to have a psychological burden, think she likes you, you have to please her and accept her again. If you want to compound, respond carefully, tell her what you think, and don’t let her wait too long.

Finally, remind everyone, do not ex-girlfriend a show want to compound you can’t wait to agree to come down, think about whether you can not care about the reasons for the previous break-up, after the break-up you have not done anything irreversible … If these problems are not solved, even if briefly compounded, it will lead to another breakup.

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