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1. Give her enough love.

Men often complain about women’s substance, and when a marriage goes wrong, many people’s first reaction is, “Don’t you just think I’m poor?”

“Marriage questions”

Not at all.

For the vast majority of divorce reasons surveyed, the top three are cheating, domestic violence, personality disassomic.

Economic issues are rarely on the list.

Therefore, poverty is not the reason why most women despair of marriage, and poor and not treated well is.

Material deficiency is not terrible, mental grievance is fatal.

If you can give your wife enough love, enough love for her, earn money to support you she usually wants.

She may not be satisfied with the resentment, but she can’t bear to leave you.

A woman’s stupidity lies in cherishing a man’s heart too much, too greedy for a man to be good to her.

If you give love and care, she won’t run if she eats snorts.

But. If you make people suffer not only from poverty but also from suffering. To money no, to love no, to be warm to accompany to feel safe whatnot, then she is with you is a picture of what?

2. Loyalty. loyal. loyal. Say the important things three times.

When two people enter into an intimate relationship, women generally have absolute trust in men.

“Marriage questions”

“I love you, but also believe that you love me” this beautiful belief, is the cornerstone of a better life.

After that, every time she found out that you were talking to another woman, yellowing, ambiguous, the cornerstone shook.

Shake more, the relationship is dangerous.

Of course, if it goes off the rails, it’s an absolutely devastating blow.

I’ve been doing counselling for so many years, and I haven’t seen a few women who don’t care if their husbands cheat.

But a lot of men cheated after the incident came to me, said that did not think so much ah, now the wife does not cling to endless ah, I do not want to divorce but life can not go on ah, I knew so I certainly dare not play with fire, ah, but now regret is also late ah.

Well. At first, they were lucky, and finally, they were regretful.

The most heart-tinged word in the world is “regret is too late”.

Once the feelings are seriously injured, once the trust is destroyed, it is more difficult to repair than to earn a billion dollars.

So, if you’re not ready for a divorce, and you’re stupid enough to challenge the red line, take it early.

3. Mom and wife, you must support justice, do not run

I’ve seen a stupid man come home.

When he first got married, his wife and mother had a little contradiction, and they told him in private that he was so upset that you were nagging all day long about these broken things.

Later his wife became pregnant, more contradictions, he simply hid in the unit off-duty do not go home.

By the time the child had just full moon, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had one day hit each other.

Then the wife took the child back to her mother’s house, dead to divorce.

His mother also took him away all day long.

He doesn’t want to leave. But not far away.

Come to me and say, I’ll send them two words: live.

In particular, I would like to tell every married man this lesson:

When your wife and mother have the wrong atmosphere, don’t think it’s okay to stick your head in the sand.

Mars comes out and you don’t die, you can’t eat and walk around when the fire burns.

“Marriage questions”

Remember, you’re the fire extinguisher and firewall between those two women. Your inaction will hurt your family.

Please also note that the fire is not on both sides of the voice “can you not be so stingy” “she is like that, I have anyway.”

Your wife, you can’t figure it out, expect your mother to do it, is that possible?

Your mother, you can’t figure it out, expect your wife to do it, is that possible?

As long as things exist, gas is not gone, you must stand up to analyze, solve, guide.

Because the days are long, a piece of broken things do not solve in time, in the heart sooner or later will explode, blow up or blow you up first.

Dealing with the mother-in-law relationship, most can see the level and responsibility of men.

4. Pregnancy is 10 times better for the wife than usual

Pregnancy and childbirth are the most vulnerable and least resilient stages for women. It wasn’t intentional, she was in such a state of psychophysiology.

You may usually be good, is that she wants to have a cesarean section when you have to let her go, so she hates you all her life.

Why do you say you should?

It was not easy for a woman to get pregnant and have a baby and breastfeed her baby.

With one-half of the children, she’s ten thousand times harder than you.

What reason do you have not to treat her well?

Why don’t you mess with her when she’s the most vulnerable and weak?

Therefore, the wife of pregnancy and childbirth, to be as careful as the giant panda love, do not step on the thunder.

When pregnant, take more care, so that the wife eats satisfied and has a good time.

When having a production, everything goes according to order, and she’s going to cut it.

Sitting on the moon must take good care of them, talk to her more to make her happy.

Key nodes, not to be neglected, to avoid after-care.

5. Wife “think of angry” thing, solve it!

You cheated, or had a deep affair with another woman, and was found by his wife to be in a mess, but now it’s time to move in and look calm.

In fact, the thorn is probably still stuck in his wife’s heart.

But you don’t let her say, and you’re upset when you say it – “Isn’t it all over, endless?” ”

So the thorn was always on.

You can’t feel it. Or deliberately pretend not to know.

But your wife is upset. Her feelings are sure to compromise your intimacy.

If there are too many similar knots, you don’t solve it, and you don’t let it be said that the quality of your marriage must be very poor.

Your wife will be discouraged and resentful from time to time.

Therefore, silly men have been in the wife’s heart, smart men should not allow the wife’s heart.

She’s obsessed with your cheating two years ago, and you let her say it. As soon as she said you apologized, she kept doing well until she didn’t want to mention it.

She regretted not taking the wedding photos. OK, make it up. Don’t make sense with your neck straight. Everyone knows that you can’t die without taking wedding photos, but that’s what she’s thinking.

Or wait for her to say, you first said ” wife we go to make up a wedding photo, that year did not shoot, I have always felt quite right about you.” ”

She must be very happy in her heart.

Two people walk a lifetime, to walk while clearing garbage so that in the end can be heartless mustard joy.

And this requires the ability to think differently and the courage to face up difficult problems.

6. Don’t be a “deaf and blind” partner

Deaf and blind companion, the word I made.

It’s about some man who shuts down all his senses as soon as he gets home, what you say he can’t hear, what you do he can’t see, what you want to know he doesn’t say.

It’s basically a stone that eats.

There is no quality in this marriage at all. In the long run, it’s a woman who’s going to break down.

If you don’t want to push your woman to collapse, please be sure to open your ears, eyes and mouth, listen carefully, look carefully, communicate well, accompany your heart.

It’s called husband and wife.

7. Brothers are like hands and feet, wives… “Shut up! ”

In all human relationships, a partner should and must be number one. Better than parents and children, better than friends and brothers.

If a brother is a hand or foot, a wife is a life.

If necessary, you’d rather have your hands and feet broken.

So, if your wife is seriously resistant to your brother and you don’t want a divorce, then you either convince your wife to accept his brother’s existence, or your brother’s wife.

There is no third option.

8. Pay attention to the image

All the long things are testing. This is especially true of marriage.

In your first year of marriage, you have a beard that she may be able to bear without trimming. The seventh-year is not necessarily.

When the freshness and mystery are gone in time, you no longer bring your own aura in her eyes, then, a fat, greasy foot-picking big man, let her love it?

Where does the happiness of marriage come from when love is not there?


9. Praise your woman

Children need encouragement, and so do women.

Unfortunately, Chinese men are really not good at encouraging wives, often open is derogatory, want to say a good word is often the opposite as if boasting wife a bank card will be less than zero.

But she’s clearly the woman you choose to marry back. She’s so bad you’re still married, are you blind, or are you not good at yourself?

Satire, sarcasm, slurs, rebukes, disregard, are all poisons of marriage.

And praise and encouragement are the most affordable marriage maintenance products, almost useless to let your wife’s happiness doubled.

You deserve it. You must use it.

10. Don’t envy other people’s wives

First, it’s no use. Envy is not yours, is it?

Second, it’s not necessary.

Good-looking faces mostly need RMB support, I’m afraid you can’t afford it.

Good-looking hands don’t usually wash dishes, do you wash the dishes or your mother?

Younger than your wife may be more wayward than her, you may not be able to bear it.

More talented than your wife may also be pickier than her, I guess you can’t handle it.

Of course, young beautiful, versatile, earn a lot of not temper girls certainly have, but can people look at you?

Marriage is generally fair. Fish looking for fish and shrimp to find shrimp turtles with Wang eight, the flag is quite able to get together into a pair. Now even if you choose again right away, you’ll most likely have to find a wife like that.

Therefore, envy, regret, pondering is self-inflicted trouble, love their wives is the right thing to do.

If you’d like to hug your wife from behind and tell her a funny joke while she’s washing, you’ll find her smiling beautifully.

In short, the wife maybe your life’s warmest castle and the most stable dependence, is to give you the most care of the people, is to save you from loneliness, is to accompany you to the end of life.

To be kind to her is to be kind to yourself.

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