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Have you ever heard such a sentence: life in the world, as long as the effort will certainly have a harvest.

In the feelings, this sentence is similar expression is: remember, there must be an echo.

But grow up, you will slowly find that in fact, many times, even if you work hard, also do not get the results you want, and even the more efforts away from the goal, this contradiction is particularly obvious in the feelings. You like a person, the other side does not like you, the more you want him to like you, the more you ask, you pay all, he may just say to you: Sorry, you are not my type.

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After the break-up, you want him to come back to you, and you make a lot of efforts and changes to do it, in the right way you think, and his reaction doesn’t go as you expect. He just gave you a little response at first, and then slowly returned to the state of just breaking up, when you show some positive, he is very indifferent, even disgusted with your pay.

At this time, a lot of people in the feelings, began to tangle whether they want to continue to recover? Is the other party worth saving? Does he still love me? In fact, the reason for this redemption confusion, is because you did not understand a core question “Why once loved ones, now avoid you, or even hate you?” ”

Before successfully recovering, you follow me to analyze: after the break-up of the other person to you cold reasons?

Why are you so hard to retain him, to prove yourself, to change, he is still so indifferent?

I think a lot of people will be pained to think because the other side really does not love it? Without feelings, that’s why.

“Manifesting ex back success stories”

In fact, not all of them are like this.

Reason 1: Failure to meet your “psychological expectations”

It’s like you’re trying hard and you’re not getting anything, maybe it’s just that you’re trying in the wrong direction, or you’re just looking hard.

And well, too, many times, your efforts don’t work as you expect, and your “psychological expectations” and “emotional needs don’t match.”

For example, you have two apples, and when you give him only one apple, the reward you expect is that he hugs you. When you give him both apples, your expectation may be that he can kiss you back. And when you give him two apples and he just hugs you, you’ll feel dissatisfied and think your efforts aren’t being rewarded accordingly.

The process of compounding is the same, the person who takes the initiative to retain will certainly pay more, in the process, you will deliberately do a lot of things, pay you a lot of time and energy.

In this process, you moved, but also touched some people around him, do you think he should also be moved by you, this is your expectation. Once he is not moved by you, you will feel a huge psychological drop, feel that he is cold, heartless, and unresponsive to your behaviour.

Knock on the key! Knock on the key!

Keynotes: recovery, we must do a good job of “expected management”, not to let their mentality collapse, so that the efforts to recover in vain.

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“Manifesting ex back success stories”

Cause 2: Negative emotions are not digested

He is becoming more and more indifferent to you, he likely has a lot of negative feelings for you, such as when you get along with often quarrel, cold violence, break up after doing some deadly beatings or even excessive way to disturb him. The other person’s previous negative perception of you is too deep, you retain the time is not long enough, did not touch him that critical point. Quantity changes cause qualitative changes, and your amount is not enough to offset your previous negative effects on him.

Because of love to complain, but also because of resentment to increase resentment.

His indifference to you is, in the final analysis, unsolved by negative emotions.

Isn’t he disgusted with you now? If you want to dispel his negative impression of you and don’t know what to do, you can talk to me.

Reason 3: New love after a breakup (low attractiveness, weak value)

Just because he has a new love soon after a breakup doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore, and it doesn’t mean your previous relationship with him was a sham. In fact, he chose to start a new relationship probably because he was in pain, too. That is, he is likely to enter the rebound relationship.

But in the long run, this identity is more of an instant need than a real need to fill it, because as the freshness of the new relationship fades, it will be greatly diminished, and the psychological problems left over from the previous relationship will be re-exposed to them.

Reason 4: Protect yourself

No matter what the reason for your break-up, but once the break-up not only women will be hurt will be sad, men will also;

Under the appearance of indifference is actually afraid of injury afraid of sad heart, since there is no relief, then pretend to care about nothing. But this situation, on the contrary, is the easiest to recover, but precisely is also the highest concealment, easy to make people feel hopeless and give up to save.

When we understand several reasons for the indifference of our predecessors, then next, let’s look at the recovery strategy: How to make the predecessors not indifferent? Take the initiative to talk to you about compounding?

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The first step to save the strategy: properly withdraw away, eliminate the other side’s defence

After a break-up, a man will have a period of reassessment, that is, the original decision to break up is correct, consider whether the other person is really suitable as a partner. So, if you want to recover, you need to give each other enough space and time at this stage, do not run to force questions or excessive harassment, to let the predecessor feel relieved.

Focus: the person who proposed the break-up, the most afraid is the other side’s entanglement.

The right thing to do is to stop showing your needs easily, not put pressure on the other side, and find a way to ease the relationship between the two. In fact, since the other side has chosen to break up with you, it means that he is now on your everything is negative, you feel aggrieved to let him go back, you want him because of the pressure to come back to you and go around denigrating, but the result is that you do everything is futile.

The second step of the recovery strategy: optimize the way you get along, and show yourself with high value

Positive-energy people tend to bring confidence and hope to each other, and complaining all day can only increase the pressure on their predecessors and discourage them from enterprising. Fitness and reading are the best ways to invest in yourself, and you can be very helpful in restoring your relationship by constantly optimizing yourself and increasing your attractiveness after a breakup.

Regular gym-goers aren’t in a bad shape, and even if it’s not to get your ex back around, it’s a way to walk with the wind and exude a unique charm and self-confidence. Often read people, talk and temperament will become different, in the book fragrance soaked people, temperament naturally become better, the appearance will become gentle. These are not empty words, because even if you do not save, regardless of men and women, look in the mirror to see a better self, but also full of good days!

The third step of the recovery strategy: guide the investment, let the other side love you more

Why did you fall in love after the break-up, while your predecessor turned around?

That’s because you invest a lot in this relationship, including time/energy/money, and the other person pays too little and breaks up at a low cost. For example, if you are a girl, too strong and independent, do not give a man the opportunity to take care of you, how to let him pay for you? Ninety-nine percent of men have a hero complex, and in the face of a woman who is good to him and a woman who needs him, he will only choose the latter. Because he needs a sense of accomplishment and recognition. Many men do not need women to take the initiative to pay, compound time to change a strong and independent image, so that the other side feel that you need protection.

More importantly, it provides emotional value to men. It’s more important to be able to talk about it and talk about it than to do anything. If you can understand your ex when he’s lost, support him when he’s frustrated, and provide good emotional value, congratulations, your compound path has been a big success. And when your relationship comes to the point of re-linking, most people make the mistake of starting to deceive themselves.

What do you mean by self-deception? Is to start feeling good about themselves, think the other person and your contact, feel that the other side no longer have an estrangement to you, so began to “hit the iron while hot”, want to determine the relationship down. At this stage, don’t think you have a connection with your predecessor, start unbridled, don’t do what you think is the icing on the cake, you think the icing on the cake may become a snake. But even if you have been begging, has been showing a lot of pain, can let the other side back to your side?

No! This will only make the results worse, so if you want to compound, be sure to stop doing useless things and don’t let hope be destroyed.

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Where are you going now? If you don’t know what to do next, you can talk to me.

To be honest, when a person so calmly faces the break-up, must be in this relationship disappointed, do not see any hope also feel that they have no way to change the status quo, so it will become so – this will never be done overnight, so you have to do you can not be in a short period of time quickly to recover the preparation.

It’s not hard to break confidence, but it’s not easy to reassemble a broken heart. I have always stressed that compound this road is the need for patience, you have to learn to care for it, to let your feelings break the mirror receding, learn some new ways of getting along, will not let each other feel too tired to get along.

Finally, I hope to have me accompany you in the darkest moments of your emotions.

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