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We broke up with my ex more than four years, and this year we made up. Our story is also a few twists and turns, and finally around, or get back this. I think fate this kind of thing is really mysterious, we are both completely one newspaper to report the same kind. The story goes like this: He and I are junior high school classmates, but also play very good friends. At that time when I knew each other very much, he is the school track and field team, is that standard junior high school girls will like the type, good sports, tall, and very handsome, all day in the school run around, sports meeting time by the teacher into flowers, one to learn on the mischievous big boy. I like his seven years, do seven years of good friends, is always righteous to the other side of the kind, from I know him to later, he has to respond, but all his requests, I will try to meet, simply think, because like, to give him all he wants, no matter how much he sacrifices. I remember one time he lost his cell phone, dare not say to his parents, when I a month pocket money two thousand yuan, get pocket money when I immediately gave him all called past, a month to eat some of the rest of the dormitory food, is eight years also lost a few kilograms. Then finally in the summer vacation, we went on a trip together, that night he drank too much, lai in my room refused to go, holding me and I muttered, “Let’s be together.”

“Manifesting ex back success stories—-successful cases” 

When I heard it, I was really excited, liked each other for seven years, though there was finally a good ending, his sentence “You are the best person for me, this world except parents will not be better than you to me.” “It made me feel frustrated, but I suddenly realized that he either liked himself or thought he was good to him, so he wanted to be together. But even though I knew the truth clearly, I didn’t hesitate to say yes, as long as I could be with him, I liked him so much that I didn’t think so. But this self-worthless love is really painful. For more than a year together, he cared and cared for me when I wasn’t even friends. He never remembers my birthday, sometimes day to night or even two days can not find people, people around him think he has no girlfriend, and others engaged in ambiguity when I do not exist all kinds of things, let me really scared. But I chose to forgive, and now I think it’s really crazy. May also be moved by my patience, a month before the break-up, obviously feel that he took heart, slowly from that childish state of the shift of focus to me, but at that time I really feel that this relationship is worthless, really feel that I really can not continue to endure, I chose to go abroad, give up this relationship, break up when I said to him, “In fact, you have never liked me, you can choose not to be with me, but your current practice let me feel that you are humiliating me.” He called me, and I didn’t answer, and I said to him, “I’m sick to hear your voice now.” “I didn’t think I’d say such a hard word to him one day, but it was really hard-hearted to pull away and save myself. In 2015 broke up, did not delete each other, but also no contact, listen to friends said he later also fell in love, I also started a new life abroad. In September 2018, I got a call from him on WeChat saying he was drunk and wanted to talk to me, so I heard him talk to me all night and talk for a long time. He said he really seemed to have no way to fall in love with a new person again, he and his new lover parted hands, can be good to each other, but there is no way to love her, very depressed, as if he had failed a person, but really can not do. I said you’ve always been like this, and it’s not fair to people who like you.

“Manifesting ex back success stories—-successful cases”

To tell you the truth at that time I really did not want to make up with him, is countless times to make up my mind, I firmly can not eat back grass, absolutely not in the same place fell twice. Later, after half a year did not contact, listen to a mutual friend who said he has been concentrating on work, the whole person has changed, also do not play, and friends party every time drunk will read me, said that before they have bad, how bad for me. In June 2019 I returned to work, he went to the city where I worked to find me, made an appointment for a meal, four years apart to see each other, as if there are a lot of words to say, and as if not, each other have a little embarrassed, looking at each other is laughing, we all tacitly did not chat about the past, chat about the near and future of some ideas. He stayed with me at work for two weeks, like the prank kiss that encountered singing, “so long I can still see the feeling to get your important”, go around for so many years, it feels like him, I fantasized many times we met again all kinds of scenes, though we would be very embarrassed, very awkward, really did not think that we never seem to have been separated, feel very wonderful, that kind of familiarity and re-energizing. In July 2019, we made up well and went around for a few years, in fact, it did not feel like a good, more like a familiar person, re-opened love. He is very good to me now because, after the separation, the whole person matured a lot, each other are very clear about what to want, now the state is very comfortable, but also let me know that there is no absolute in this world, nothing is impossible, there will always be a chance to get together again. “We met around this circle, and I promised myself that I wouldn’t bother myself anymore, because I wanted myself to know that as long as your shoulders were willing to let me lean on it.” Think of a movie I have seen, there is a very deep impression: “So many years, so many people through my life, but why is it you, it seems that the most should be a passer-by of you, in my heart occupied such a heavy position.” Now, right now, I need you, I need to feel you, I need to be loved by you. What I want is not just one night or one day. I hope you can all think of things in love.

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