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Generally speaking, two people who had been in love broke up.

If it is not because of moral issues or will chill each other, after all, break up or friends!

“If he likes me why did he block me”

Although there will be no more frequent contact, but also not to the point of old death do not interact.

But, unfortunately, isn’t it inconceivable that you’ve been pulled by the other person to remove the pull black treatment?

Originally said that love is false, he really loves me? If so, how can you be willing to separate from me? Blacked me out?

In fact, you don’t have to despair, because, for most men, the reason is greater than emotion.

Breaking up isn’t really about not falling in love anymore,

It’s that there are too many unresolved problems in the relationship, too much damage accumulated, and he can’t bear love.

Raheel removed you but to cut off his thoughts for you, resist your entanglement,

He doesn’t want to be entangled in the pain of the past, and he doesn’t want to be hurt anymore. 

“If he likes me why did he block me”

This only represents his current mood and does not determine the future direction.

If we want to recover, we must first understand why cold violence occurs before we know how to eliminate it

First, before the break-up, the other side is too bearable!

In a relationship you’ve had, when a man has a conflict,

His idea is first and foremost to solve your problems rationally and to better improve your relationship.

But your way of thinking is quite the opposite. You think a girl in love will be spoiled. The more lawless they are, the more they love you.

If you have a problem with your feelings, don’t try to reason with you.

If you’re right, you’ll cause trouble again and again until the other person apologizes.

“If he likes me why did he block me”

In this way, it will only lead to adverse consequences.

First of all, the problem has not been solved, it will accumulate more and more and even drip into ice.

Second, in order not to make you angry, to temporarily avoid a robbery, the other side regardless of right or wrong first apologize,

First, put you happy, cycle back and forth, gradually consumed is his patience, as well as confidence in this feeling.

That’s how “tired don’t love” comes about, avoiding communication with you as much as possible before breaking up,

After the break-up is directly through cold violence, to cut off contact with you, which makes him feel relaxed and relieved.

Second, after the break-up, you are too entangled!

At the beginning of a breakup, you’re basically in a state of confusion.

You can’t think of each other’s obedience. How could you suddenly do this to you? Why? You must ask the truth.

So, the bombardment of information and phone calls, these you think are persistent infatuation, in the other side that is harassment,

It affects your work and life, and the negative feelings towards you are getting worse and worse.

Turns out, I’m still a little sorry for you because your performance has completely disappeared.

He’ll be happy with the decision to break up, or he won’t know how long he’ll be tossed.

The negation of you deepens, more disgusting to you, be sure to avoid you, blackening you is the most direct way.

Visible, after the break-up, if you want to find each other’s love again, you must control yourself.

The first thing you shouldn’t do is get madly connected.

Isn’t that right? You might think: To change his mind if I don’t contact him,

This is the wrong idea because you don’t know men at all, especially after breakups.

What kind of psychological process does a man go through after he breaks up?

It can basically be divided into two stages

The first stage: extreme resistance to you

The man who had just broken up had broken free, like a new sense of happiness,

There is free time and space, the mood is cheerful.

During this time, his resistance to you will be extremely strong, just thinking about your bad,

Unhappy with each other, at this time your apology, explanation, peace and other tangles, not only useless but worse.

Turns out, there’s a little room for relaxation, which you don’t have

On the one hand, after the breakup, you’ve been texting him, calling, harassing him,

Make him feel upset and scared, think you’re funny and stubborn.

On the other hand, your painful performance and tangles can make him feel that you can’t live without him at all.

His vanity will be greatly satisfied, but more and more contemptuous of you, more convinced of the wisdom of disassembly.

On the contrary, if you respect his decision, he will breathe a sigh of relief because of your understanding,

I Will be curious about you, more value you, and will choose to keep in touch with you as a friend.

Phase II: Enter the period of reflection and nostalgia

We all know that time is a good thing and can dilute any unpleasantness and heal all wounds.

For example, you once quarrelled with your little sister because of something and vowed to break up, but after a while, the anger subsided,

You begin to miss the joy of being together before, look objectively at the accident of quarrelling, and feel that it is not a thing.

Similarly, over time, men’s feelings toward you begin to calm down and then begin to recall the past

At this time, he thought of your good, think of the past, there is sweet and warm, not all pain.

He’ll re-examine his feelings, he’ll look at himself,

And realize that they have a responsibility to create unpleasant situations, the regret of the idea naturally arises.

Therefore, it is very important to quit early in the breakup.

You shouldn’t pester or disturb each other. You should give him time and space to calm down and enter a period of reflection.

When the other person can objectively reflect on their mistakes and let go of your vigilance,

They will reassess the value and significance of being with you.

So, to save, to fight, eager to contact,

Eager to prove themselves, these are not things to do.

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