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In many people’s eyes, being blacked out is tantamount to no chance of redemption.

Is that really the case? Think carefully about why he blackened you, no more than two kinds of psychology.

“If he likes me why did he block me—-is it impossible to recover”

The first is that as soon as he sees your information to make him heartache, he does not want to be so painful, blackened, his world seems to be clean.

The second is that you always call him, WeChat him, you have broken up, but you still to his dead and the tangled fight has been compounding, he can’t stand your trouble to blacken you.

Either way, his psychology is similar, that is, want to escape, the first is to escape from your feelings, the second is to escape your trouble.

1St Stage 1: Enjoy a short “clean”

He thought to blacken you, and your world separated, in fact, not, because he blackened you for this purpose, is because has not completely put down you, think about, when a person completely put down the people he cares about, what is a feeling of heart? He won’t blacken or delete you, but let you lie in his address book, just a little less open mood.

If he really put down you, he will not care so much about your dynamics, your words and deeds, just because he cares too much, and reason told him to put down, he is trying to forget, let him into a tangled mood.

So, he can’t stand his inner voice, which has been telling him, how much he cares about you, miss your voice, to escape, pull black has become his best choice. 

The decision was not made overnight, it was an emotion that had accumulated over a long period of time. At this moment to blacken you, men will feel like a sigh of relief, no longer have to face the real heart, as if successful escape still like your heart.

At first, he enjoyed the situation, but it wasn’t long before he felt very uncomfortable. No one’s going to boo him anymore, no one’s going to miss him anymore, and this is the time when you need to find him and get you back in his sight.

You can add something, or some reason to accept it, and you can tell him that you won’t disturb his life.

Add him to mention feelings, because he can add back you are because he did not put down you, and he can add back you also explain that he is cheating because you said will not disturb him, he will think, you just do something you should do, so, he is afraid of you to mention compound things, you mention, he will be caught in the tangled mood.

“If he likes me why did he block me—-is it impossible to recover”

2 Phase 2:

I remember when I was with you again.

After a period of time, to the second stage, he will begin to miss him and you a little bit, many people feel that men in the face of feelings are very desperate and calm, in fact, they are only after the perception. Breaking up is painful for everyone, but his feelings come a little slower, and he will deliberately hide his pain.

This is the time when he most wants to get to know you again. Add you back, he may not take the initiative to talk to you but will be very concerned about your dynamics, so the most appropriate thing at this time is to use the circle of friends and chat with the people around him to convey your message to him.

At this time, you want him to know, you still have not forgotten him, but can not use WeChat directly to say, but to show him a feeling, this is very important, because you directly find him, and exposed the need for redemption, even if his heart is to you is reluctant, but do not want you to see out.

At this time, in addition to showing unhinged emotions, but also to show your change, the starting point is the reason for your break-up, because can let a person decide to break up, must be on your negative emotions accumulated to the extreme, so, this time the positive display is in a little digestion and change his negative view of you.

Plus he himself has not forgotten you, if you can do this well, your recovery has been successful for a large part!

“If he likes me why did he block me—-is it impossible to recover”


3 Phase 3

Relations are heating up

Put an end to this ambiguous mood

If the last step is done well, then at this stage, your relationship will ease a lot, his attitude towards you is not so ostracized, perhaps you may also come out to dinner together, into an ambiguous atmosphere.

This is the best time to save, but also a fork in the road, if the way to advance can make him readily accept, then can be successfully recovered, but if the previous step is not in place when he is not ready to make a compound request, it will put your relationship into an awkward situation.

And how to grasp this degree, how to judge whether you can mention compounding, but also whether you make behaviour design, whether it has an effective impact on him, if it has enough effective impact, then the time to recover will be greatly shortened, but if the effective impact on him is not enough, it is time to consider a change of method.

And this critical period, or suggested to be able to contact with very experienced teachers, after all, the best time to save missed, want to save the chances of success will be smaller and smaller, grasp the best time, is the key to can save success ah!

Recall that when you were with you, you might secretly follow your dynamics

Immersed in tangled emotions, very uncomfortable.

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