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Today, I’d like to introduce you to the universal dating culture in the United States, and try to make a cultural introduction and app science, and try to help everyone in American life and loneliness.

The appointment process

“He likes me but started dating someone else”

One, hang out

Hang out is generally as an ordinary friend to go out to play, party, etc., equivalent to “playing friends.” And slightly more favourable people for communication out will also be called seeing, “We are seeing each other” refers to more than friends out of the hang, but not so like each other. Of course, you can see a lot of people at the same time. Hang out of the process is a bit like a trial period.

Second, date

When it comes to establishing a favourable relationship with each other and wanting to get to know each other better, two people will go on a separate date, known as a date, where the dating scene can be ranked as dinner>brunch, lunch> exhibition, there will be more intimate moves, and I like you, in principle, can be a lot of people at the same time.

Three, relationship

To confirm a relationship is to admit that the other person is their only (exclusive) object, to introduce themselves to their friends, is their own male/girlfriend. At this point is a promotion of a level, made a certain commitment. The people of the United States are more rigorous about the idea, not only date for a few days, or hold a small hand will enter into a formal relationship, are seriously considered after the proposal.

“He likes me but started dating someone else”

4. shack up and marriage (or not)

Cohabitation abroad is not only to deepen intimacy, run-in but will live a real-life, will have children cohabitation. You may get engaged after living together for a period of time, and then you may get married later. Of course, some couples already have children, but have never been married and are in a relationship, i.e., marriage is never a necessity.

Five, about sex

For sex, there is no precise rule as to where it must be, as long as it is based on your wishes and mutual respect between the two sides, at any time. Can happen, at first sight, can also be married, some strictly follow the religious tradition will also refuse premarital sex, so this matter is at will, all look at personal principles and personal attitude.

The appointment feature

First, experience first

From cognition to establishing relationships, the whole process is more about the emotional experience than results, purpose-oriented dating basically does not happen, marriage is more unlikely, this is a long and full of exploration process.

In this process, you kiss hand in hand to have sex, will not mean that you are the only one of the other; you call each other sweet honey, not necessarily to determine the relationship;

Second, the boundaries are clear

The boundaries here are clearly defined, referring to the boundaries between hanging out, date, relationship marriage, etc., and the boundaries of sex, love, family, marriage are also clear, such as from the ambiguous date to the determined rationales is clearly said “We are exclusive”, “I want to be you girlfriend/each” such explicit words, of course, if you always make you feel that 99% of the circle is scum.

“He likes me but started dating someone else” 

Third, do not easily commit

Commitment is a very cautious thing for them, and from the point of view of a clear relationship, a love, and marriage, if the relationship is not yet enough to be able to commit, they will not speak out, and every step is well thought out. And, to say that love is sacred to them, “I love sb is a big deal”, if you do not really love you, will not say “I love you”, even if you are already in a definitive relationship.

About whether or not to be responsible

In the inherent understanding of most people, European and American friends style may always be more open, is not very responsible image, but I think, because responsible, so will not easily commit to giving the other side hope and sweet burden, only fully think of self-feelings, have a certain ability and psychological preparation to take responsibility for the commitment, this commitment can be long-term realization. This is also a manifestation of principle.

Which culture is better

With the progress of the times, young people are more and more influenced by Western culture, more open-minded, for premarital sex, sexual relations, and even open marriage will feel OK, but sometimes, social networks will unconsciously or consciously demean those who can not accept these, think it is old-fashioned, with an overly conservative tendency.

You can accept doing so, and you cannot and should not be subjected to moral oppression. Even if you’re in the U.S. or other countries, this notion of dating shouldn’t be kidnapping”, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to force yourself to brainwash yourself, or brainwash others about what’s right and wrong.

In fact, in the so-called American dating culture, not every American is recognized and applicable and ultimately depends on personal ideas and preferences. Truly educated, truly responsible people respect other people’s thoughts and attitudes, rather than arbitrarily judge others, and try to change others. In love is the same, everyone will meet the right TA for you, TA should not force you to change anything, but will respond to your unique pace and likeable small characteristics, and from the heart to respect you, cherish you.

I hope everyone can meet the best person for themselves.

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