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In the feelings, women want to find a one-minded man, not a man with a heart, but every man’s “true face”, what is it, only after together, understand, can judge, so, women, don’t think you met true love, silly pay! There are these 4 performance men, indicating that he and others ambiguous!

1, while playing with the mobile phone, while giggling

The man who really loves you, only chat with you, will smile, not with whom to chat, will laugh! Because he’ll only smile at you! But if a man, often while bowing his head to play with his cell phone, while giggling, you ask him because of what laughs, he will say, nothing ah, see a cold joke, but, he is often like this, the mobile phone is still typing, in fact, it is obvious that he is chatting with others, and he chats with the person, can make him very happy, very happy, which shows that he and others are ambiguous!

“He likes me but started dating someone else—-he has an affair with others”

2, don’t let you look at the phone

Although the mobile phone is a personal item, there is no secret between lovers, everything is public, can see each other’s mobile phone, but if your man, never let you see his cell phone, every time you want to see his cell phone, he will be very angry, but also to you, you have to look at my cell phone because the phone has secrets, do not want you to know the secret, he will often in your invisible corner, playing with the phone because he and others ambiguous chat day!

3, back to your message is very slow

At work, the return message will be very slow, which is a normal thing, because everyone will have a job, it is not possible to hold the phone all day to send messages. But after work, chat between lovers is a very normal thing, this time, if you return your message is very slow is not normal, you ask him what he is doing, he said did not do anything, but, for a long time to reply to you a sentence, or a few simple words, because he is chatting with others, in and others ambiguous, no time to ignore you! 

“He likes me but started dating someone else—-he has an affair with others”

4, often out of contract

Weekend break, two people will often date, go to see the movie, go yo-yo, but, not only every time you take the initiative, and he will often miss the contract, clearly promised good, but often tell you, temporary things, it is obvious that you about him, he has time, but when the real date, he was about to let you dove, because, in his heart, you are not important, he has others, he and others as a baby!

“He likes me but started dating someone else—-he has an affair with others”

When a man, there are these 4 performances, indicating that he is ambiguous with others, will not take you so seriously, do not feel how important you are, in his heart, there is no place for you, so it will be so to you. So, when your man does this to you, happy to break up with him, such love is not worth continuing to go on!

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