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Do I need a gift for my first date?

Specific analysis.

First, more familiar people should give gifts

For people you know or are more familiar with, to win each other’s favour, should give gifts.

Two people may be colleagues or friends, both sides of the personality hobbies are more familiar.

“First date gifts”

On the first real date, to further increase the favour of the other person, you can choose some gifts according to the other person’s preferences.

Familiar people, when choosing gifts need to pay attention to three points;

First, if two people are very familiar, and usually the impression is very good, this time the gift should be slightly more expensive;

Second, if two people are ordinary colleagues or friends, usually there is not too much communication when choosing gifts as long as you can express their own feelings can be;

Third, choose to send gifts as far as possible in line with the other side’s preferences, is the other side like.

Second, strange people, give gifts to be careful

For those who have just been introduced to know each other, because of the character characteristics of both sides and the way and means of doing things for people do not understand, gifts must be careful.

Originally the first date gift to express their sincerity wants to make a good impression on the other side.

“First date gifts”

And if the gift is not happy, or add an invisible burden to the other party, it loses the meaning of giving the gift.

There are three things to note:

One is to choose gifts to reflect each other’s gender characteristics

According to each other’s gender characteristics, choose some popular small gifts, such as to girls to send some small toys, small dolls or some small hair ornaments, etc., to give boys razors, ties or necks and so on;

Second, choose gifts not to be too expensive

Because with the other side is not familiar with, do not know two people, in the end, have no chance, send too expensive gifts one is not necessary, the other is easy to bring ideological pressure to each other;

Third, the gift package should be beautiful

Gifts are beautifully packaged to reflect both how much you value dating and how careful and careful you are.

Third, the person being dated, do not give gifts

A person who has dated means that he or she doesn’t want to date, but is forced to go on a date for a variety of reasons.

In this case, it is best not to give gifts to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Not giving a gift on a first date is not a matter of choice, it’s just an option to consider adding points to date.

If you are a nuanced, good insight into the psychology of others, you can according to their own experience to send some small gifts to each other, increase the other person’s favour to you, for the first date plus points;

If you’re a straightforward character, it’s best not to give gifts if you don’t know or know each other well, so as not to get clumsy.

Dating a girl for the first time is always the hardest thing to do because we don’t understand the character, preferences, etc. of this person.

In real life, there are many cases of first dates. For example dating, netizens meet, friends introduce to know and so on.

“First date gifts” 

So, on the first date, the men summed up some ways to capture a woman’s heart when you first meet.

This is the focus

It’s a popular way to get away with it

At the heart of the way to do it: Be “friendly and irrelevant” on first dates.

To put it mildly, be friendly, be polite, and not expose a sense of need.

Why is that?

Be friendly and polite: This is to show your personal cultivation, will make the other person think you are a very good person, she will be willing to allow you to continue to associate with you.

It doesn’t matter the attitude: is not the best way to expose the sense of need, do not let girls at first glance feel that you are a wolf.

When you first meet, you’re too enthusiastic, too concerned about each other, and used to try to please… It Will put a lot of pressure on the other side, will make the other side want to escape you.

You can try to do this: treat her as an ordinary friend, even if your heart has long been out of her mind, you have to show as if you treat ordinary friends.

How do you make a good impression on each other?

1. Punctuality

Meet others for the first time, punctuality is the main premise, can show that you are a person with a sense of time, but also can let the other side realize that you are very concerned about this meeting, so late is a very dangerous thing, do not easily try, whether with a good friend or with a stranger, unless you are very repugnant to the other side, only deliberately late.

2. Courtesy

First meeting etiquette courtesy is very important, if it is a girl, quiet class in the do not know what to do, remember to calm down, do not panic, especially pay attention not to keep your head down, at least uh-huh ah oh oh when the head naturally slightly raised, can More attractive natural; open girls, should also pay attention to converge a little of their own character, the first meeting, if the other side is not ready, for some very familiar girls, will appear to do not know how to deal with, so always alert themselves “decent and virtuous lady” must be right;

If it is a boy, the first time to meet a gentleman is right, such as details, help girls move stools to open the door, add water or hand paper towels these, there is a chance to grasp a little bit, but for the sandwich mouth such as too intimate, remember not to do, will scare bad people, unless you are underwhelming type.

3. Dress-up

Dress is the most intuitive image question, ask who would like to date a well-dressed person, or meet for the first time, whether it is the object or business meeting, image problems are often linked to other people’s potential understanding of you.

4. Talk to each other

Communication and speaking is also a skill, not good words of introverted friends, you can consider in etiquette more effort, do not appear too dull, at least a little interactive with each other, if the other side actively finds each other to do the topic, remember to raise your head, eyes as far as possible to look at each other, while putting down the hands of each other to do action, respect each other’s remarks, do not just bow their heads uh-huh, ah, it seems that the other side is very embarrassed.

The basic etiquette of eating

1, to advance to the dining place to reserve a seat in advance, it is best to be closer to the window, close to the window will make people feel cheerful, the ability to accept things become stronger.

2, sitting, for the woman to open the chair, a la carte, must leave at least one dish for the woman to decide, do not go to the menu to order things, directly ask the waiter what special dishes are good, the opportunity to order to the woman.

3, when eating must pay attention to eat phase, do not blindly only clip a plate of vegetables, the mouth contains things when do not speak, pay attention to the plate as far as possible near the woman, dating is also out to do things, do not expect to eat too cool, Oh, waiting for each other.

4, and the woman chat, eyes to sincerely look at each other, this is the minimum courtesy. You can tell a big lie but pay attention to each other’s reactions, girls will have a lot of small movements to reflect their preferences, if found that the other side is a little confused immediately change the topic.

5, girls can be late, boys must not be late, half an hour in advance to prepare for work.

6, speech and manners are very important, the outside is the appearance of the inside, must be confident, generous, for men, would rather conceit a little also do not inferiority, only the only bad. But don’t open the river, don’t brag while chatting. Don’t speak too small or too loud. Low-key and confident.

7, the middle of the meal is best to pay attention to a variety of basic etiquette when eating, such as the sound of eating is not too big, can not pick teeth in public, can not take chopsticks to point people, the mouth has vegetables do not talk, eat hot pot dishes and give each other a pair of clean chopsticks and so on.

8, no matter who pays in the end, men are best able to take the initiative.

9, send her home, go to bed at night, send her a text message, wish her a good night, have a good dream.

What do you want to talk about when you have dinner with a girl for the first time?

1. You can talk about each other’s interests and hobbies

Talk about some of their hobbies, usually concerned about interesting things, can be used as a good topic to chat with sister, what new movies released, stars, can also chat about your favourite sports, have time to climb mountains together, play. Wait a minute

2. Busy recently

What have you done recently, where to play, and share your life with her.

3. Talk about some friends

You can talk about some friends around you, reflect your communication, people, deepen the other person’s good impression of you.

4. Where do you like to travel?

Many girls like to travel, play, talk about some want to go to the place, together plan to play, about out also convenient, together plan to do one thing.

5. Talk about food

A lot of girls are eating, talking about this kind of thing, the other side is very interested, especially you also know where to eat, can take her to try. That would be even better.

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