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1, to give others a bowl of water, they have to have a bucket of water.

If you want to help others, you must first have a bucket of water yourself. So you can scoop out a bowl of water from it to help others.

If you don’t have a bucket of water, you want to help others. is equal to internal consumption. Because you have nothing to give to others, if you force others, you will feel very pain.

“Social skills for adults—-what are the potential rules in the human communication in the adult world”

All, if you want to help others, you must first become a valuable person.

2, you only keep friendly to strangers, not too friendly to acquaintances Acquaintances will bully you.

You will find that strangers have a particularly friendly and respectful attitude towards you. Once you get to know them, they’ll be very casual.

For example, my father used to open a bath massage shop, there are many acquaintances to say whether you can discount, can not free bath massage. The business can’t be done.

3, low-key, high-profile work.

Be a low-key person. You do things very well, you do everything well. Give others special peace of mind that they are willing to give you the task. Things have come down, pieces have an echo. Everything, you give answers to others.

Do things high-profile. You’re going to start a business, you’re going to be a CEO, you’re going to do one thing, you’re going to have to brag about it (people resources, money technology).

“Social skills for adults—-what are the potential rules in the human communication in the adult world”


4, learning itself has no value, only what you learn can help others solve problems, and earn money, it has real value.

Study every day, pay for classes every day, and don’t see you make money. At the very least, you can earn back the tuition you invested in using what you have learned so that you can really learn one thing.

Otherwise, you spend money on knowledge, just a bottomless hole, there is no return.

5, the shortcut is the biggest detour.

Mammon: The so-called smart people, willing to use stupid methods, spend stupid work, succeed.

Some people, looking for all kinds of shortcuts, but do not want to pay their own time and energy, can get the same effect. In the end, I wasted my time.

In fact, the biggest shortcut is to accumulate every day, year after year. The biggest shortcut is no shortcut.

Others can tell you the way, but the road is up to you.

6, to be within their own economic tolerance, give themselves the best.

Humans are the Appearance Association. Men and women are the same. People judge your economic and social status by their appearance. First impressions are important and are directly related to what others think of you in the future.

Why many people can’t get a promotion because he doesn’t make a good impression on his boss.

So when you have money, you buy yourself the best clothes. When your economy is down, you can also rely on you to buy high-end clothes, continue to stay in this circle, waiting for the opportunity to rise again.

Buy clothes like French women, less and fine.

7, go to someone else’s house, can not do without some gifts.

It’s not good to go to someone’s house empty-handed for dinner. Be sure to mention two drinks and send a red envelope…

8, do not understand when silent, will want to make you smarter.

9, unfamiliar people do not make jokes, the same is true of acquaintances.

10, others scold you you want to listen, but others boast you you must not believe.

“Social skills for adults—-what are the potential rules in the human communication in the adult world”

11, don’t be stingy with your praise, for example, compliment me.

12. Don’t play with your cell phone in front of the other person, so it looks like you’re not listening to what the other person is saying.

13, don’t casually turn over someone else’s cell phone. Maybe he has someone else’s privacy (multiple people) on his phone.

14, do not out of all kinds of test questions, to test the other side of your heart, the result of the other side clearly do not hate you, and finally will hate you very much. Human nature often does not stand the test.

For example, girls will repeatedly ask test questions to verify that boys do not love them. The success of the verification, confirmed her original guess, began to make all kinds of trouble.

15. The degree to which others are friendly to you depends on your strength

16. Don’t expose your weaknesses, others will not only not sympathize with you, but also look down on you.

17. Love is a luxury for ordinary people. Friendship is even more.

18, like a person, do not secretly love, to say it on the spot. Otherwise, it will disappear into the vast sea of people.

19. The better you are to others, the more accustomed others are to your good. Don’t be too nice to one person, you’ll be disappointed.

20, you will belittle yourself, praise others this skill, you can handle 90% of people. Everyone likes to be praised.

For example, self-deprecation is self-deprecating. Jack Ma is particularly good at this trick. 

21. The more people you help, the more people will remember you and help you.

Causal cycle. Snowball, positive cycle, negative loop.

22, the strong do not need help, need help are white-eyed wolves.

No use, just remember that the strong are lonely, stronger than you do not need your weak help, need your help is basically white-eyed wolf.

24, and friends to eat, to preemptively pay the bill so that it appears handout, generous enough, others will cooperate with you later.

How do you talk to a man about business when he doesn’t even buy a meal? Others will think that you are an extremely mean person. Small money is not willing to spend, let alone work with you to share the big money.

25, have the strength to be respected, no strength is not respected.

The rich are generous and small, and the rich are careful and generous. You have money, you just don’t spend a penny, no one looks down on you. You just don’t have the money, spend money on smallpox, just like no one bird you. This is the social reality.

26, you go to someone else’s house as a guest, others tell you to watch TV, indicating that you should go.

27, you go to others as a guest, unless others take the initiative to show you, you should be in a regular place. Don’t turn around here, look there, home is private to everyone.

28, we eat together, as long as there is no initiative to invite guests, is the AA system.

If someone else pays, remember how much time he has, and turn his share over. Don’t let others think you’re a cheap person.

29, can use red envelopes to solve the human condition, do not just say thank you. Very worthless, the adult world has never helped for free.

30, pit over your friend, immediately pull black, stop in time.

People who pit you, 90% will pit you a second time.

31, WeChat has something to say, don’t ask? What’s going on? ”

32. Wealth is conservation. When you make less money, it means you offer less value.

33. When someone is involved with you, he’s going to hurt you.

34, girls, small happy, hurt

Doing the right thing can add to the fun of life.

35, don’t ask the other party’s income age, wait until the relationship is familiar, others want to tell you will tell you.

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