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1. There is no 100% understanding between people, only whether it can win-win calculation.

2. To work harder after people, to appear effortless in front of people. Adults can brag about B, provided you have enough bottom to come back around. Otherwise don’t wonder why the road is getting narrower and narrower, with fewer and fewer friends. It’s hard to take down the label if it’s not reliable.

“Social skills for adults—-what are the hidden rules between adults”

3. Tempers can’t exceed your skills. You can have personality, but society is not a playground, the greater the temper, the greater the cost is often the greater, before doing think about whether you can carry the consequences.

4. Find someone to help, always remember, help you are emotional, not be native. Gratitude has helped you, but also understand those who are unwilling to help.

5. Want to vent their emotions on the social platform, show themselves or do business, we must understand that there is a truth to come and go; every day at least take out a part of the time to operate (give others praise), otherwise don’t wonder why so many people like, you sent after no one asked. Of course you have to just play when I didn’t say.

6. Everyone only has 24 hours a day, to realize that the level or position of people higher than you, every minute is worth more than you. Go in and practice a few more times before you go to the leader’s conversation, compress the nonsense to a minimum, and greatly improve the leader’s appreciation of you.

7. I haven’t seen any man who really likes me, but doesn’t want to waste time on me. Work with your fanciful sisters. An unspeakable programmer has made more than a hundred links and more than a hundred web page confessions because he likes me. You see, if a man likes you, he always has his own way of expressing it. So there is a holiday also do not come out to date, see the information for several days do not return, really do not like you.

“Social skills for adults—-what are the hidden rules between adults”

8. Adult values are the result of years of experience, education, family background, etc., don’t try to change yourself if you want to change others or convince others, try to change yourself when you feel uncomfortable, and give yoga here four magic weapons for reference: be kind to happy people rather than jealous; p.s. Evil people generally refer to some small people in society, not criminals, when we meet criminals we should call the police or the police.

9. Don’t because a person is good to you, just remove all the heart defence or struggle to put into a gap too big love. We are grateful to everyone who likes us, does not mean that he likes you, or even expressed a willingness to die for you, you will say yes. Living for a long time will make vows cheap and spoiling faster than you can imagine; not teaching everyone material, but the economic foundation that was said at school decided that the upper level of construction is really no problem. His words are carefully listened to, and his deeds are carefully looked at. (Another: always ask yourself a question, if one day he doesn’t love me like this, what else do we have between us)

10. When there is no erroneous time may be the least valuable, after having the erroneous every minute can be converted to money. So have more money to invest in themselves, learn more hard nuclear skills, skills do not press. Remember, you have to reach a certain level before someone believes that the LV on you is true. 

11. Life is lonely, no one can walk with you all their lives, try to live as you want to be.

12. Too modest others will think you have no skills, too crazy others will think you have no rules. Take the median value, moderately express their views, the leader said ten minutes, you control within eight points;

13. Other people’s opinions are not as important as you think, they all have their own purpose. But if a lot of people who take different positions, or don’t know each other, say you have a problem, you may really have one. For example, they think my people come crazy but hate social a little neurotic, words into the disease is not good at listening, which I also recognize.

“Social skills for adults—-what are the hidden rules between adults”

14. When people around you open their mouths and scold a person, don’t condone it for the sake of groups. Because when it goes to the client’s ear, you are automatically divided into his opposing team.

15. You must be alive to be qualified to say your dream. I am not referring to the living is not a lot of people advocate economic independence (after all, the city’s one-child family this requirement is a bit harsh), is not to let parents have to sell blood for you, monthly pensions are moonlight, even old age to go out to do odd jobs or seek re-employment opportunities, they dare not eat dare not drink dare not play, all resources are given to you, to meet your so-called dream.

16. The gift-giving Aoyi is what the other person needs. Don’t know what the other side needs to inquire, can guide the chat. For example, if the other party has children can try to be interested in what children, if the other party is single or did not have children, you can chat about recent things of interest;

17. Self-dissolving emotions self-dissolving. Tell your parents that they can’t help either, and a lot of times they’re just in a hurry. You’re not a child, don’t cry to your parents.

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