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1, often smile

People’s sensitivity to smiles is obvious, so the psychological community has been studying people’s smiles for hundreds of years, one of the conclusions is that people laugh and cry, the mobilization of facial muscles are very similar, both can quickly mobilize the attention and emotions of the people around them.

Talk: A smiling girl is more attractive to men, a bright and beautiful smile can quickly mobilize their attention, and the girl’s smile produced by the good mood with her. So the laughing girl’s luck is really bad.

“Signs a man is attracted to you sexually”

Smiling stimulates the relevant parts of the reward brain, relaxes men, makes you look approachable, wants to be near you, or even wants to kiss you.

The last sentence is the heart of a man.

Another smile is actually to release the impression that you like each other, men will be attracted to people who like him, and this will make men very courageous.

This key skill comes, and your smile and last 3 seconds of eye-catching eyes (advanced flirting skills) create an impulse to marry you at this moment, even though I don’t know you.

Unsurprisingly, even a cowardly man would exhaust the greatest courage of his life to complete his first meeting.

“Signs a man is attracted to you sexually”

Note: Yan’s value is second to the smile, the most critical point is the teeth!

Remember to see a dentist if your teeth are yellow/untidy/fewer, etc.

Your teeth are the most powerful armour for a smile, and so is it, and failure is it.

A mouthful of white teeth is a symbol of health and hygiene, and these two points are equally attractive.

Not for men, for their own health, please brush your teeth sooner or later to protect your teeth.

The second is apple muscle because humans are so sensitive to the expression of laughter, so as long as a normal person can easily identify “strange smile” and “skin laugh meat does not laugh.”

So if you want to smile good-looking, and do not bother to practice in front of the mirror, in the face of like the boys try not to be nervous, from the heart to laugh out of it, your apple muscle will match your smile a beautiful smile.

“Signs a man is attracted to you sexually”

2, red

There’s a scene in Hacking Empire: a hero so powerful that he’s distracted by seeing a woman in a tight red coat on the street.

“White-red” is a must-kill courtship colour for any primate or even many mammals: it contains signs that the female is healthy, young and energetic, and can hook up. Because mammals in the emotional period, often in the shy position will show a red state in white.

Because men see girls in red as more sexually attractive, it suggests that humans may reflect the colour as a condition for reproduction.

Women with red attract men’s eyes more than women of other colours.

Compared to red clothes, the flame-red lips also have the same effect, we watch the star of the gambling god movie, you think let the man’s blood boil is the hair brother’s smart ???

Men spend a lot of time staring at girls’ delicate drops of red lips, which experts explain, and the red lips awaken the dilation of blood vessels when men have sex.

When the brain is full of blood, there is no place for IQ to stay, only with the blood to the lower body.

Until fully released, into the sage moment, IQ returned to normal…

Oh my God. How can I write these truths!!!

3, long hair

Women’s liberation movement has been carried out N years, why men still like long hair women because men are visual animals, such as cloud long hair first expressed the woman’s very healthy body, and second long hair like a carry-on background board, sketching and highlighting the female body curves, is a natural visual increase in women’s “waist-to-hip ratio” weapon.

Of course, there are counter-examples, such as the ancient Japanese women like to comb their hair up, exposing the back neck and a small part of the back and shoulders, in fact, the truth and effect are the same: under the bloated body-killing kimono need some visual stimulation of men to achieve the purpose of flirting.

I know some girls like short hair, and I want to tell you the truth:

Short hair is really cool, for taking the team, to be a career executive, there is a sense of self-congratulation.

It is precisely because this self-deprecation, will make it difficult for men to think close, even if it is close, of course, is respectful, without the slightest idea of close.

Let’s imagine, in bed, a man holding an inch of girl, this picture is so beautiful, I can’t imagine reminiscing again.

After all… I’ve tried.

No, it has nothing to do with true love.

If you are a sexually cold girl, the living does not enter, when I did not say.

4, laughter

Unlike the first, the smile is the way to say hello, laughter is the way to respond.

Another psychological study shows that if a man finds himself able to make fun of you, he will be more confident and he will like you better.

Because it means that you understand him, which may mean that you like him, and we like those who like us.

And Lang Lang’s laughter means happiness and ease, and with him, you are very relaxed.

This atmosphere will make both men and you feel comfortable.

Of course, you can’t fake a smile, a fake smile is the easiest way to get the atmosphere into embarrassment…

What I mean is, if you want to laugh, laugh, there’s nothing to bear.

I like sincere girls.

5, body language synchronization

According to behavioural psychology, “action synchronization” is an important sign of becoming a “group” or “partner” between people. Any two people, no matter how much they hate each other, as long as the time, the subconscious will let their behaviour gradually appear in sync.

This is called resonance.

A quick date study shows that if two people’s body language is consistent, it will make two people faster!

Body language is very responsive to a person’s subconscious, men and women like each other in the same place as themselves.

So this, in the chat, you throw the expression bag is very good, you all understand the same terrier, will let your relationship closer, you find that the other side likes to eat breakfast and you are the same.

In dating, you all like to touch your face, you all like to stare into each other’s eyes, you all like to put your hands on each other’s laps…

It’s going to give the other person a !!! It’s a life-threatening feeling.

6, gentle voice

Gentle voices are nuclear-weapon-grade to men, stemming from the pattern of human behaviour during the 3 million-year-old Stone Age: the main task of human men at the time was to go out in groups to hunt wild animals, so most of their lives were spent shouting and shouting as they fought with wild animals and silence as they approached beasts, and low conversations between men. Mothers, or wives and children, can only be heard whispering when they return to the tribe at night to relax and calm down. Over the course of three million years, women’s gentle voices can calm men down quickly and put down their mental fortifications.

And this gentle voice automatically makes men protective, evoking their ancient and deep protective memories.

If you chat on WeChat has not seen each other, what you say voice is not really important, is this tone and tone is important, it can let men automatically associate, a gentle voice he will brain resupply you personally plus a good-looking filter, will be for you saddle behind the horse (His Royal Highness Jobi Lo deeply understand this way. )

No matter how good-looking you look, no matter how much you will call “brother” if it is a flying voice, he just wants to ride a red rabbit horse thousands of miles to ride a single ride and then jump off a cliff.

7, kindness

To tell you the truth, those above are based on external attraction, is two people want to know each other’s first step.

In the long run, a survey based on 10,000 people shows that men value their partner’s charm most in the long run.

It is also based on psychology and anthropology: men tend to be partners with good women because in primitive times good women could take better care of the elderly and children when men left home to hunt, and stabilize their rear families.

When we talk about kindness, we think of our mother’s upbringing. This is a necessary characteristic for the reproduction and education of future generations.

We go out to show good behaviour, such as polite to waiters, to pregnant women and the elderly to give up their seats and so on than to have a pet dog to have more love, a person really kind than those expensive cosmetics than reading the Bible Buddha is much more useful.

8, deep learning

A sexy brain can keep men hooked more than the body.

The highest goal of human existence is, in the final analysis, philosophy.

Mature men will have more philosophical thoughts and desire to explore, if you also have in-depth knowledge or life exploration, communication with men, not only will inspire you but will also reap a lot of substantial growth.

The premise, of course, is that you’re not bewildered by the world’s consumerism, plain texts, and you’re willing to spend some time reading deep, long stories. 

9, quick reply

Now the gender chat skills, are telling you to slow down some responses, so it seems that you are busier, more people to catch up.

Alas, even if there is time not to reply immediately, it feels like it’s now the consensus.

“I know you’re pretending to be busy, I know you know I’m pretending to be busy, I know you know you’re pretending to be busy.” 」

What the hell is this?

If you want to reply, reply early! There is no need to live so tiredly.

In fact, we enjoy the most ambiguous stage, which is that we indulge in, undisguised time.

Too long did not reply, but will be men feel that you do not seem to like him very much, he immediately turned to run to other girls.

Don’t think of it as a scum, just because men prefer people who like him, and he gets confidence from people who like him.

Don’t waste time looking for “push-pull,” “push,” “demand” techniques to try to show your uninterested interest, which can undermine other people’s interest in you.

Don’t be delusional, these techniques can change a person’s “dislike” of you from “like” to “like”.

If you meet the boy you like, respond early, praise each other, and show interest as early as possible, the man will not be able to stop you.

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