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A woman who plays with her feelings will never get any better.

Clearly, you walk so close, but still can’t be together;

It is clear that you are already together, but you can’t feel her love;

Clearly, you give a lot for her, but still can’t see the future.

Open the way is not right, get love is also false love.

In this era of free love, most women’s attitude towards feelings is real, but inevitably there will be some love to play smart women, showing that you play a variety of ambiguous, or willing to be your girlfriend, but is not willing to pay for this relationship, and constantly guide you to invest, let you fall deep.

So how do they guide you, or even induce men to give?

One: Only when she needs you will she think of you

When you need help will think of you, will take the initiative to contact you, give you some sweetness, and even talk to you, chat, let you feel that you have another chance to pull into the relationship with her.

As long as you help her solve the problem, and then slowly and you go away, the most fatal thing is, in you feel that this feeling has no hope, will use the same way to find you, and again let you see the dawn, let you pay more.

“Signs you re being played by a woman—-what should I do” 

Two: close to you, but never approve of the relationship

This ambiguity is false, is she for you to make you feel that she also likes you, and create a feeling, nothing. Makes you feel like you have a chance, and the purpose is to want you to spin around her.

Because she hit from the bottom of my heart do not like you, instantly you together, and you will not have a deeper development.

Three: sad want to find someone to talk about, vent, will always find you

Nothing will look for you, unhappy will think of you, take your good to her right, perhaps in your view is a good opportunity, and even can take this into her heart, but in her eyes, you are not a tool to complain and vent.

Don’t think that women will be overwhelmed by love, in fact, men are the most easily deceived animals in love, if the lover around you is such a performance, you have to correct their own patterns with her, in turn, to use her this.

“Signs you re being played by a woman—-what should I do”

In getting along with the anti-guidance her, so that she wants to let you pay, can not get the effect, desperately with more planning, constant investment in it slowly will produce feelings.

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