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When there is a problem in love, the difference between men and women: in the face of problems, men are straight thinking, which determines their mobility, but their feelings are always after-knowledge, not as delicate as women, feel so thorough. In fact, many times, men proposed the break-up just want to escape, not because they do not love, but because in the face of quarrels, face the problem a little overwhelmed, feel that the separation should be a relatively good, very straightforward decision, in fact, the bottom of my heart or love you. Find out the psychology of the boys after the active break-up, find the best way to recover.

“Men after a breakup”

First, boys take the initiative to break up after the psychology

About the boy’s psychology after the active break-up, in fact, it is not easy to speculate. Because each person’s specific situation and two people’s emotional depth are not the same. But if the original together when very happy, then the boys take the initiative to break up after it will be very regretful. Because what you can’t get is always the best, and breaking up brings more is lost.

1. The loneliness of losing a lover

Whether it’s a boy’s active break-up or a girl’s break-up, the result is the same. Two people separated, and before the love of the state, a person is obviously very lonely, this time the boys probably regret it, at least will produce a strong inadaptation. Before has been used to your existence, around a flower and grass have your breath, break up, always have to go through a stage to forget you.

2. Helplessness that can’t be replaced by a new person

“Men after a breakup”

All said boys say break up that is the real break-up, girls just play sex talk. Compared with girls, boys will generally quickly come out of the shadow of lovelessness, but whether they can quickly find a new person is another matter. And after the break-up, most of the girls the boys met had the shadow of their predecessors, just as the emperor’s concubines in the “Censorship” had the shadow of the queen, either looked like or had a temper, the boys either couldn’t find a break-up that they would regret, or they found it, but still looked like the shadow of their predecessor. 

3. I don’t get along well with my current girlfriend

If all aspects of the current girlfriend are not as good as the ex-girlfriend, boys break up should also regret it. Boys have the shadow of their predecessors in their hearts, and they always linger. Comparing the former with the present, the angrier it becomes. But because it is their own initiative to break up, and can not pull down the face to seek compound. In the face of this situation, it is also the boys themselves.

Second, say these words, men still have you in their hearts

About the boys after the initiative to break up the psychology, do not think and know must be very complex. Love, loneliness, worry, regret and other emotions may have been bothering boys, but why not girls? In any case, the break-up can no longer be recovered, rather than indulging in the past in the hurt, it is better to solve the happy knot, a big step forward may encounter better. Each relationship more or less mostly hung with four words, because love, pain, each other hurt to stay together.

1. Take care of yourself

Men! Simple and rough thinking, he will not be the same as a woman to say a bunch of sentimental, but his subconscious only hopes you are good. At the time of the break-up, I think he probably had a lot to say about it. But because the emotional line word organization will be relatively poor, his psychological intuition is that you have to be good, so you will say this sentence.

2. You will encounter better

Hope you meet better, you do not know, he actually has another meaning is that he lost you are jealous. You love him so much, I to you in his break-up, will also bear the pain to say, I hope you meet better, do not believe you will not see, if you do not care, also give you these, whether you meet a garbage man. In fact, when a person really loves a person, you only hope that she can get happiness. Sometimes, men break up, sometimes just self-doubt, is not their ability can not give this woman happy, so choose to let go, let you go to find happiness. In fact, he does not know, in your eyes, he is your greatest happiness.

Can we still be friends?

In fact, after the break-up, can we still be friends? it fully demonstrates his attachment to you. He can’t let you go. Ask you if you can still be a friend, just want to drag you not to find other men, because as a friend, any movement you can still know to him. To put it bluntly, this relationship some people may feel very strange, but it does not represent anything, he may have you in his heart you, may also be other, in short, you two chat words, the content will let you know whether he loves or does not love you.

Third, after the break-up, there are these manifestations of women, will let men take the initiative to mention compound

Breaking up, probably, is a dilemma that most people will face. Years of feelings, may not be able to the enemy the outside interference and personal changes in the heart, and finally, end the demise. For the break-up of this matter, the vast majority of women, the heart is not willing. Even if two people together for a long time, women will be because of the love, because of their true feelings, do not want to part ways. If a man proposed a break-up, women want to compound, do not plead for their own, to learn to let men take the initiative to compound, to grasp the active position in the feelings. So, I hope you can understand earlier, to be a smart woman: after the break-up, there are these manifestations of women, will let men take the initiative to compound.

1. Don’t pity yourself, keep elegant and decent

When the break-up has become the final decision, you go to cry again, make a fuss is good, will pull down his favour to you, and even leave him a more negative impression. As we all know, the taste of breaking up must be bad. However, as long as you still want to save, as long as you do not want to give up this relationship, you must suppress their own pain, do not cry in front of men, make their manners lost, not whisper to retain.

If a woman does this, the man will only see your gaffe face, let him completely can not mention the idea of pity, how can continue to be with you? On the contrary, if a woman can still maintain their own elegance and dignity after breaking up, how to dress, how to dress so that men see your good. Well, when the contradictions between them fade away, men will take the initiative to contact you.

2. Appropriate not to contact

After the break-up, if a woman wants to recover, she needs to know what to do and what not to do. Most women choose the wrong way to contact, again and again, again and again, beg to disturb to save. Unbeknownst to me, this is to men, is to disturb and entangle. The more entangled you are, the more disturbed he is, and the worse his impression of you is. If you seriously affect his normal life, then he will even blacken you, so that you lose the last hope of redemption.

What a man need is a space, his freedom, and if you show up in front of him every day, he will be absolutely bored. And when you don’t contact him and hang him for a while, he’ll start getting used to it and want to reach out to you. Therefore, after the break-up does not entangle, sprinkling does not contact, men will take the initiative to contact you.

3. Make yourself better

If you want a man to offer you a compound, you have to make him have an emotion, which is regret. How can a man regret his broken feelings? The key is to let the man see that when you leave him, not only do not depress but become more and more excellent. People are jealous and unconvinced, if you have not been in love, then you become how good, his influence is not so great.

But you’ve been in love before, and that’s the point. Seeing the better the lovers of the past, men will regret their own miss, and then want to get closer to you and understand you. After that, you just need to keep yourself attractive and wait for him to come forward and talk to you.

Tango emotional expert | Eason reviews:

All said that the broken mirror is difficult to recircle, but in fact, only the method did not find the right, if the right way, even if the two people have been separated, can be done together again. Feelings are not irreparable, if regret separated, it is necessary to create opportunities to reunite. However, women in the process of compounding, must not take the initiative to reverse paste, let men take the initiative to carry composite, otherwise just into another abyss. To save a man’s heart, in fact, is not a difficult thing, want men and you compound, or even take the initiative to compound this matter is the need to do enough homework.

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