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Now there’s a hot word, called sex separation.

In fact, it was used to criticize bad men before.

For example, PUA, Gun King, Flower Heart Man.


“He stopped texting me after we slept together”

That’s weird.

Now many media also encourage girls to pursue this “high state”.

What’s the reason?

It is said that women should be allowed to self-awaken.

Others say that in a patriarchal society, there are too many bad men, so they call on women to separate “sex” from “love” – to have sex with you, but not to love you, to achieve some kind of “self-defence”.

I don’t agree.

Not only do I disagree, but I also want to list the pros and cons, erase the straw, let the “pit mouth” reveal the prototype.

First of all, “sex separation” is a lie in itself.

No one can really do it.

Freud once pointed out that sex and libido (Libido includes “emotions”) are the two main instincts that underpin all human behaviour.


Sex and Libido, even say, exist like conjoined babies.

It penetrates and influences each other, one that acts on human behaviour, consciousness, and emotion. To put it simply, people have sexual needs, right?

But beneath the sexual needs, there is a deeper need – the desire to build emotions.

For example, high-tech adult products are more attractive than “people”.

For example, when masturbating, we always need to fantasize about an object coming out.

Physically, we desire sex, subconsciously, we crave emotion.

Thus, sex and love form a gray area.

You can’t be clear.

It’s like you can’t enjoy “sex” while also wrapping your emotions in a tight air.


His main concern is “sex separation”.

About P countless.

He had intended to make such an appointment, not for whom to stay, nor for whom to stop.

Unfortunately, he had a fixed gunner.

“He stopped texting me after we slept together”

As a result, because often, less than two months later, he inexplicably fell in love with the gunner.

It’s itchy in Ryan’s heart. He decided to confess.

That evening, he plucked up ten thousand courses and rang the doorbell of the gunner’s house.

The door opened.

See two children playing, and the gunner’s face embarrassed: “Honey, just a person asking for directions.” ”


It’s cold.

Of course, if you say, I just reached the “high state” ah, even if someone had sex 100 times, my heart is still iron.

That may – or even most likely, you have lost the power of love.

For you, marriage can be a nihilistic one.

Love is even more.

“When you make an appointment, you fall in love irrepressibly.”

So at the end of the day, the word “sex separation” doesn’t hold water in itself.

It’s an excuse for bad men to rationalize their bad deeds.

Similarly, it is the self-deception of some women.

The car in front of it is already here.

And Lian Yue said life is to fight fewer mistakes.

“He stopped texting me after we slept together”

Don’t know it’s astray, but also have hunting and luck – because not all mistakes have a chance to be corrected.

When it comes to lovelessness, it’s definitely about its risks.

Physical risk.

Because there is no love, sex becomes fast food.

Night can play, gunners casually change, loyalty is a joke…

I thought of AIDS.

It has been reported that there are 36 million AIDS patients worldwide.

China is also “not weak”, the number of AIDS patients is rising year by year.

These are just data that has been entered into the hospital system.

You know, the incubation period of AIDS is more than ten years.

Those who do not know that they are ill, or know that they carry AIDS, and harm others, are countless.

The spread of sexually transmitted diseases is not so calculated.

In the World AIDS Day special, experts answer: one person having sex with another is tantamount to one person having sex with another’s history.

For example, you had a relationship with an A gunner, and A gunner had a relationship with a BCDEF gunner.

Then your future health or not will be linked to BCDEF – the incubation period of AIDS.

As experts say: “As long as one person is infected with AIDS, all people will be at risk.”

To sum it up.

Do you play sex separation?

Can’t tell, if you have to divide, then “love” will be removed, and then, like an animal to live.

At this point, you are bound to indulge.

The risk of discrediting increases.

The safety of the body, but also out of unpredictable strong risk.

What are you pictured? What’s this called self-awakening?

In fact, no matter men and women, the real self-awakening, not only to face the body’s desire, but also to see the soul’s desire for emotion, and – the price, the hidden price behind the desire to let go.

Overemphasis on desire and neglect of feelings is not called awakening.

It’s called stupid.

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