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Want to have a healthier body and sexy body shape, but also want a higher quality of sex, seize the time to use these 5 ways to exercise it!

“Fat sex positions”

1. Push-ups

The benefits of push-ups are obvious, helping to strengthen muscles in the arms, shoulders and abdomen. If you see a person urinating, most people will feel uncomfortable, dissatisfied, and have a solid, sexy waist, it is very attractive. During sexual intercourse, the strength of the lower abdomen is very important when the male position is used.

2. Squat

When squatting, many muscles move, triggering a lot of hormone secretion that boosts a person’s libido. At the same time, squatting can enhance hip muscles and thigh strength and durability, helping to improve performance in sex. Squatting can also help people develop solid and attractive hips.

3. Pushing (lying)

Do push fitness, can strengthen the chest, shoulder muscle strength. Women will find men’s pectoral muscles sexier, while men will have the better physical strength to support their bodies during sex and will not fatigue too easily. If a woman is doing the right push, she can make her breasts more uplifting.


4. Aerobic exercise

Cardiovascular fitness methods such as aerobic exercise, running and swimming can all increase blood circulation. Smooth blood circulation contributes to the psychological “wake-up” process, which has a crucial effect on male sexual function. Also, aerobic exercise helps the brain release endorphins, a hormone known for its pleasure.

“Fat sex positions”

5. Kegel Movement

One of the important reasons for the invention of the Kegel movement was to improve sex life. Shame bone tail muscle, also known as PC muscle, is to force the use of the muscle in the urinary tract during urinating. For men, doing Kegel exercises can help them control the muscles that control ejaculation, thus increasing the persistence of sexual intercourse; For women, doing Kegel exercises helps control the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in greater sexual satisfaction.

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