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When I received counselling from obese patients, I mentioned that there were problems with the lives of couples, of which sexual dysfunction was the most representative. I’m here today to explain that we may be able to offer some help to those who haven’t yet come to the consultation.

With too much body fat, both men and women will have obvious sexual dysfunction, however, although the relevant research data show that obesity can significantly affect the sex hormone levels of men and women, leading to low libido, this phenomenon is rare. Of the 22 male obese people measured by Amatrud a and colleagues, only two had low libido. The results of the survey of women were much the same, or slightly higher. So, what are the factors that affect the sexual life of obese people? To summarize, there should be three aspects.

“Fat sex positions—-does obesity affect sex”

The relationship between changes in sexual function and disease is sometimes more pronounced. For example, diabetes occurs much more of the time in obese people than in normal people, and the proportion of diabetics who have sexual problems is high. Men appear to be nursing, women lack sexual tide, etc., at this time, it is best to find a doctor to see. High blood pressure patients, who are common in obese people, can cause widespread sexual problems by taking antihypertensive drugs frequently. Also, obese patients may have difficulty choosing a suitable location for sexual intercourse, as being overweight may cause accelerated degeneration of the joint surface. Some sexual abnormalities also mean that obese people have combined other diseases.

Second, obesity often causes psychological problems that can potentially affect their sex lives, and many obese people have physical and confidence problems, social inactivity, and increased depression, which may be linked to the notion that obese patients lack self-reliance, which can easily affect their sex lives.

“Fat sex positions—-does obesity affect sex”

Third, obese patients may experience inconvenience when they are in the same room. These problems are initially related to the crackling posture, sometimes the stock is so large (linked to the thigh and hip fat) that Tintin is not long enough when crackling, which is more evident when a pair is a big fat. Being overweight can be a trigger for quarrels in a couple’s relationship in a variety of situations, where the spouse of an obese person is always dissatisfied with their physical appearance, so it is beneficial to have effective weight loss treatment for one or both of the obese couples and counseling the weight-loss patients on marriage and sex to eliminate potential problems.

“Fat sex positions—-does obesity affect sex”

Therefore, to solve the problem of dissatisfaction in the life of obese human beings, we also need a comprehensive management problem, only a correct understanding, understanding of the above factors, in the sexual life of a series of unpleasant, can be better resolved.

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