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People like you just to sleep with you, and I’m different,

I can be on the sofa, kitchen, balcony, bathroom, floor-to-ceiling window…

Some people say that sex is nothing more than repetitive mechanical piston movements, of course, if it is always in the same place, the same foreplay, the same posture, or even the same time.

So static, naturally easy to get bored,

Want to change but don’t know where to start?

He had his caution but never said it,

Then take a look at what the boys want you to do in bed today!

One. Don’t turn off all the lights

Girls are mostly shy, even if frank meeting many times, or will be embarrassed, so turn off the lights to have sex more comfortable, feel safe.

“Why do men want sex so much”

However, men are visual animals – in the dark state of sex, can not see each other’s expressions and moving body, stimulation greatly reduced.

Don’t feel inferior to their own body is not good, which fat which body, model figure a few people can have since frank meeting him naturally will not hate you. 

Next time don’t turn off the light department, leave a small lamp, if looming more interesting!

Second, take the initiative in bed

It’s all called “making love”, it means that you convey love to each other through your body! Don’t always be he is moving, occasionally small sheep incarnate the wolf, master the sexual initiative, in addition to letting him know how to make you enjoy more, but also to give each other unprecedented stimulation and freshness Oh!

Third, take the initiative to try a new posture

Each pose is different in stimulation, usually, once sex will not use only one posture,

Sometimes boys really want to try a lot of different positions, but I’m afraid you feel disgusted.

Next time you take the initiative to propose to see, more able to lift their inner fire, perhaps you will have more

It’s a great experience.

“Why do men want sex so much”

Four, no response super hurt

As for sex, many of my little friends have said that they hate women who see sex only as a “sacrifice” for their man’s duty, who seems to be unconscious!

It can be imagined that the same as wood does not move, for boys really hurt, such apricot love is how indifferent, how boring, but also quite boring

If you really feel that the other side needs to be strengthened, you should say it together to solve, to deal with

Partner and exercise will make boys very underachievers!

Five, with the body and eyes to suggest

“Why do men want sex so much”

Uncomfortable to say, their own patience is really not a long-term plan, feelings need to run into each other, bed things of course also need to cooperate.

In the same to say, comfortable words should let the other side know, you can use eyes, behaviour, and even words to suggest the other side, tell him, I just like you like this.

In fact, men like to flirt and fall in love with women who are called goblins

Women’s “waves” can make men’s blood boil, apricot love is not only a body

Communication is more of emotional communication.

Men like to have sex not only with their eyes but also with their ears.

Perfect sex is a process of feeling attentive, it allows men’s five officials to participate fully, will make

This beautiful “sport” is more perfect, but also more colourful;

Six, don’t strip off every time 

Most people go to bed naked, right?

Maybe you can try to keep part of the clothes, and if there is a reason, passion is so tuned out, try to keep some of your clothes,

For example, the upper body only wear underwear, transparent white shirt, mesh shawl, sex underwear, and even open stockings;

Boys wear only a tie, girls can seize the desire to refuse to welcome, want to cover up, half-masked look, in fact, to show the appearance of more sexy and charming.

Sex is an interpretation of love, an expression of love. It’s the process of having each other completely and enjoying each other.

This process, through silent language, to perceive each other, to obtain the other person to please you;

Apricot love is more of a healing and solace, a collection of all things about emotion.

Simon pova once said: love is a kind of passion, caress is not to try to occupy each other, but through each other, to create their own. This process does not struggle, no victory, no failure, each other is the main body, but also the object; It’s the leader, it’s the slave. Through duality, it becomes interdependent.

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