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Many girls are bound to encounter such confusion when they fall in love:

When is it appropriate to get up close and personal with a boyfriend, if he is anxious to get close to himself, is it a good thing?

“Why do men want sex so much—-girls’ doubts”

If too urgent, girls will feel that the other side is unstable or even sperm worm brain, but delayed further contact, but also affect each other’s feelings heating up, such a thing should be how to deal with it?

The man was anxious to get up close and personal with me.

There are three possible scenarios:

1, this man is simply good-looking

He is over-enthusiastic, too proactive, eager and undisguised to express the desire to have sex with you, he simply wants to sleep with you, even he showed the generous excellence may be to let you die as soon as possible.

If you’re asleep by him, he probably won’t really be responsible for you. Because, for a man like that, even if he changes a woman, he will do the same thing, and if he does get it, he may just feel attractive afterwards, and you are a random girl.

“Why do men want sex so much—-girls’ doubts” 

2. He thinks you want to sleep with him, too

Perhaps your manners and even dress up to make him think you are implying that he, hairy feet are also following your heart, and he is just pandering to you, this situation of men are usually more confident in their personal charm, self-righteous conditions can conquer you, so after getting will not cherish you.

3, he felt that you eat tastelessly, abandoned pity

Maybe your condition and personal attraction are not too good in his eyes, but he has no better choice now, so he intends to use you first, but he will not pay too much for you.

So what would he do?

“Why do men want sex so much—-girls’ doubts”

He could be reducing the cost of sinking on you and moving the relationship forward quickly to get there early.

In this way, he actually occupies the dominant position in his feelings. Because it’s a quick trial and error process for him, he’s not worried about losing you, so he’s risking breaking the relationship to keep touching your bottom line.

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