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About your boyfriend for so long always do not want to have sex with you, not only because you have not yet entered his heart, you doubt so guess, he is very principled, yes, that is right, in my opinion, he is just too unconfident, afraid of not giving you the future, afraid you are too small, afraid you can not go to the end, yes, just afraid? He is a too principled, too strong sense of responsibility, he felt and a loved one if sex, then to be responsible for her, he wants is a firm, sea dead stone love, he lives in his own love world, you as his girlfriend, can help him out of his own world, or you walk into his world, let him accept you.

You may love you very much, he is very good to you, you are very satisfied with him, but he is not willing to have sex with you, because sex is an extremely solemn and sacred thing for him, he is trapped in his own taboos, that is, you say the principle is too strong, perhaps you will say he is old-fashioned, but you know this is not a very happy thing, he is more to protect you, believe me, he put your first look may be more precious than yourself, do not believe you can ask him, he will say that marriage is the most perfect, well, If really as I said, I hope the girl you can help him more, cherish him, help him remove their paper shackles, do not go to doubt whether he loves you or not.

“What to do when your husband doesn’t want you”

Sex is really a very happy thing, the closest contact between lovers is also this, and now you encounter the problem is very embarrassing, you are a girl, and then take the initiative to ask to have sex with your boyfriend, your boyfriend is not willing, I think there are the following possible reasons: 

“What to do when your husband doesn’t want you”

A little, your boyfriend split legs, that is, your boyfriend may be outside to find other girls, and she slept, often because of empathy, so the heart has not loved you, and because it may be the recent period of time and the outside woman had sex too many times, so his small bodyboard a little bit can’t eat, and you just want to rest, there is no way to meet you.

Second, your boyfriend may have some physical or psychological problems, such as male diseases such as impotence and premature ejaculation and so on, and then there may be some psychological diseases, for and you have a certain degree of resistance to the relationship between the relationship, a little afraid of having sex with you, for this situation, if it is psychological, I hope you can cooperate with psychological experts to help him treatment, if it is physiological, it is recommended that you still take your boyfriend to the men’s hospital to see it.

Third, your boyfriend may also be before and you did not have sex, and then you are still a virgin, so cherish and your first time, often wants to keep your first to the wedding night, which shows that your boyfriend is still very principled love you, this time if you really want to have sex, and your boyfriend to talk about it, your boyfriend should agree.

“What to do when your husband doesn’t want you”

So, when the boyfriend refused to have sex with you, do not care too much, the other person may be a good man, does not want to do this kind of thing, may also be his heart.

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