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The old days and your sweet very man, why now become do not want to be intimate with you. Here are a few possible reasons why men don’t want to be intimate with you.

1. Lose interest in you

For men, love is the communication that connects the mind. But if he is unhappy in this relationship, his body will not mention desire, so don’t simply suspect that he may be haunted by something.

“What to do when your husband doesn t want you—-6 points of men’s psychology”

2. Performance of sexual indifference

Sexual burnout often occurs after a long relationship between a man and a woman, which is one of the reasons for the low desire of men. But don’t be too nervous, it doesn’t mean that men are tired of you, but that your sex process may fall into a formulaic way, so changing the way you feel when you love, where you feel, or play role-playing can all help improve.

3. There is a lot of pressure at work

This is the first cause of men’s low desire. In fact, suppressing desire is no different from feeling anxious in your body, and when you’re worried about stress all day, the nervous system releases warning signs that your body will release cortisol, which inhibits the production of sex hormones. If you still can’t lift your desires, try taking a hot bath with your other half to relax.

“What to do when your husband doesn t want you—-6 points of men’s psychology”

He has no desire at all

Women also know that you can’t lift your desires when you’re not excited, excited, or exercised enough; The same is true of men when he sometimes does not want to love just because you have not provoked her desire, so try to kiss, touch him.

5. Sexual dysfunction

In fact, more men don’t have confidence in their own function than those who have low desire in the study, and when people who have had an erectile dysfunction think it will turn into a vicious circle, they will be unable to have an erection again, leading to low desire. If your man has erectile dysfunction or low desire, ask them not to keep thinking that they can’t stand up, but to focus on kissing and caressing.

He cheated

Infidel men tend to think about another woman, and after being satisfied outside, they certainly don’t want to touch you when they get home. When the male companion can’t lift his desire, maybe he shot a pistol that day! Especially to a certain number of men, so after the pistol, can not lift a strong desire.

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