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Feelings of this kind of thing are out of control, triangular love relationship is not possible to maintain a long-term, some people do not want to hurt people on their own escape, love triangle must make a choice as soon as possible, do not drag two people.

What to do if you meet a love triangle

Look at it in the right way, if we meet a triangular relationship in life, we can only say that we must be very unhappy in the process of love encounter a certain triangular love we must be ten points tired if you are two of them love each other is a little better. If you are the third person, the one who is not loved, you will be very tired.

Triangle love, you will always doubt yourself to question what in the end is not as good as what the other side has done well enough sometimes you may have done perfectly but your favorite other half always do not pay attention to you this does not like you. We as one of them, there is no way to avoid, can only say normal to treat it.

“Triangulation in relationships”

1, the normal state of mind to treat

Triangle loves you are a part of the love triangle heart, if you are not the party to be loved, you will be very tired. But you still have to treat with a normal attitude, perhaps you are not as good as that person is not as handsome as he is not as good, we can only do is to improve their own good to their favorite another half even if they are a spare tire. People always say that spare tires are not good when triangular love in the spare tire is even worse ah. The right treatment of a triangular love affair with the ordinary heart to treat do not together with the gold-grabbing gentleman’s belly sometimes either you do not do well really is to feel the taste. Sometimes I feel it. Love is coming.

2, do their own is the most important

In a triangular relationship, we have no way can only say to better express ourselves, we do better to do their own good do not need to care about the eyes of others, we love our own like people, he is not related to our future life. It doesn’t matter if you want someone you like to be together, if you’re not the one you love, or if you want to work harder. Work harder, maybe one day the person you love will love you, and the love between you will come sweeter and more natural. Or hope that everyone in the world will eventually become a family member, do not be confused in their own love.

“Triangulation in relationships”

3, treat their loved ones as always

If in a relationship, you are not the person you like, but you still have to love the person you love as always. Fortunately, when he was in trouble, he offered a helping hand to help him pull him when he was confused. as a bright light for him to point the way. No matter what, you love is the person you love, although he does not love you, sometimes silent dedication is also a kind of selfless greatness. We all say why exhaust our hearts to be good to someone who doesn’t love themselves? But sometimes that’s what we do, often we can’t do it, we see it so viciously. How to say, be yourself. For the person you love, it’s enough not to forget your first heart.

Quit the triangle love he also contacts you

The right way to look at this connection, after all, once you are also a lover, you once had very good memories, will also have very good feelings. This can easily happen in love triangles. When one of them quits. The other of the two men was very relieved. There will always be a connection between the other person. This is a very normal social phenomenon, we do not need to worry too much about the worry in a rational way to deal with this connection, usually can be said to talk and chat, if there is not much love between you, in fact, you are an ordinary friendship you do not have to worry about activities. In the right way. Just treat it.

“Triangulation in relationships”

1, if you really quit

If you do launch a love triangle, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t really matter how anyone contacts you. Now that you’ve lost sight of the relationship. You have seen this past no matter what has happened between you has not mattered, you are now just a pair of ordinary friends you can eat and chat together to talk this is a very normal thing, friends can do between you can also do normal between you can do, do not need too much worry about what will happen between you will not re-emerge. As long as you prepare yourself for everything, everything else is in vain.

2, if you still have old feelings inside

If you’re out of a love triangle, you’re still in love with one of them. Under his connection, there will be a resurgence between you, there are feelings between you, there has been so much goods between you. Perfect memories. Sometimes people can’t say put down a relationship, say put down a person. On the whole, there is still a feeling between you. But it’s your own business to start over, and no one can do it for you. But my advice is not to start over, even though a love triangle has been launched why should I start over? It’s disgusting to think about something bad. 

3, treat as a friend

No matter how you get in touch, now that you’re out. Between you will always be friends, whether it is the best friend or the worst friend, you will be friends between you only friendship between you can do normal, between friends should do what you can eat how you can be, this is nothing to do innocuous life if you, unfortunately, participate in a love triangle in the process. And quit, then quit, don’t look back. Treat another connection in the once triangular love, normal to treat rational treatment, do not have more complaining psychology.

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