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That’s a good question. I have dealt with the case of the N-1 triangle love, I have also experienced triangular love, for myself, but I found that I was in a triangular love, I have always dealt with the method is the fast knife, even if their own pain to die, also never look back, I am a woman, encountered the triangular love is a man want to pedal two boats, with the predecessor entangled, said let me give him time to deal with. I’ve dealt with a lot of similar cases, I know what’s going to happen next, and I’ve analyzed who the man is. Men are not bad people, but often not bad enough, indecisive, afraid of others sad, in the end, all three people lost. There is always a person to quit first, obviously, those two people are not able to break the person, then I go.

“Triangulation in relationships—-how to deal with it”

Many people are, in the triangle love there is lucky psychology. In fact, when you I out of my problem, how to deal with the love triangle? I know, you do not want to deal with triangular love, or you want to be told which one to choose, or you want to squeeze away another, but when encountering triangular love, this relationship is not so pure, difficult is not to squeeze away another, difficult is after the triangular love of your emotional state changed how to deal with, trust how to re-establish? It’s a really hard process. If it is in marriage, can also be handled appropriately, if it is in love, basically can be withdrawn.

Just looked at your previous problems, since you like each other, then tell your brother clearly, not triangular love. All I can say is that your brother is in love alone.

Love is two love is happy, can only be one-on-one, the emergence of a triangular love situation, what is your definition of a love triangle?

Some people say that two people like a girl (boys) at the same time, and girls (boys) only like one of them, and then one side think that can not let their brother or sister sad, so three people so deadlocked. Privately, this relationship is not so much a love triangle as a conflict of interest in the relationship how to deal with.

This general recommendation is to be skillful and clear, yes, clear, and honest is more important than anything else. Long pain is not as good as short pain, lies are more terrible than anything else, at first make it clear that others will admire your honesty, if the time drags on and others find out for themselves that it becomes cheating, friendship is more likely to be lost.

“Triangulation in relationships—-how to deal with it”

In the emotional world, a true triangular relationship is one side developing an intimate relationship with two heterosexuals, all three of whom are in pain, and then no one will give up.

This is the case that I have done the most emotional counselling. The most are the marriage of the man cheated, do not want to give up the wife also do not want to give up the third party, give up the wife to help with the third party, after two days and regret to go back to the wife there, and then, after two days and regret to go to the third party there, so back and forth become a state of deadlock, the last wife the third party is not willing to give up, the man in the outside to settle the third party, carefully sneaking past.

In love, this state also has, but involved in the factors are relatively few, but also easier to break. The younger you are, the easier it is to give up this abusive relationship when you have more choices.

Three views normal and not in this rotten relationship of people will certainly say: “What scum man, leave ah!” “Yes, leaving is certainly the best option.

Slowly to contact more cases, will find that in this triangle in the passive choice of position that person is very painful, but not broken, like being kidnapped by emotions, one will be cold to you to go with another together, one will come back to the truth to admit mistakes Pain, said will never be with the other half of what entanglement, every day to listen to visitors confiding, sitting on the emotional roller coaster you do not understand, seems very painful, but indulge in which can not extricate themselves, like a fruit called oleic, extremely sour, However, sweet after acid is not the usual dessert sweet can replace.

It is precise because of this feeling of emotional decline that they can experience the so-called true love. Triangular love gives people the feeling of being poisonous. I said in an article, “How do two people fit?” The idea is that if this relationship takes up a lot of energy in your life for a long time, it’s not appropriate.

What if you’re in this relationship?

First, whether you are married or in love if you have economic and personality independence, and do not have children, leaving is the best choice. This triangular relationship is like a drug that slowly erodes a person’s mental strength.

“Triangulation in relationships—-how to deal with it”

Second, neither the economy nor the personality can be independent.

About a month ago, but also really took such a case, the hero coconut (pseudonym) husband directly with a third party living outside, about two or three weeks to go home once, usually, WhatsApp also did not reply. Coconuts are in really bad shape, with a three-year-old in their hands and a baby less than half a year old. The economy is very tight, the husband also came home to give a thousand so to maintain the life of coconuts and children, will also say love coconuts, will not give up the family, and then continue to go out to live with a third party.

When you see this, you’re sure to scold the scum man. However, coconuts are currently unable to go out to work, and coconut husbands are dependent on a third party, so the cost of living for coconuts and children is also given by the third party, the third-party also gave birth to the man three or four times. Then the most common thing coconuts say to me is, “I really love him, I can’t imagine the days without him, sometimes his words can make me happy for half a day.”

Then the case was tricky. If the coconut economy is not independent, she mustn’t be independent, the result of the discussion at that time is that at least three to four years to let her establish an independent sense of self, and then economic independence before she can make the right choice.

Of course, it’s the best and easiest, but it’s also the most painful way to get out of here. Pay the youth and feelings, is splashed out of the water, should not be nostalgic, but most of the inseparable, not economic independence or can not live alone, but because of repetition and unwilling to pay their own.

If you want to win a love triangle is not without means, but this road is certainly a lot harder than leaving directly. Give a preliminary solution, followed by an article detailing:

(1) Cooling relations, not the cold war. Calm treatment, do not immediately seek a result, for example, let the other party immediately leave the third party, otherwise, you how, undesirable, anxious to eat hot tofu.

(2) Take strengths and weaknesses, self-improvement. There must be one thing in the third party that your object needs, and what you don’t have, is evil. What other external connotation or something, ascend, never too much.

(3) Adjust the way you get along and give freshness.

(4) Use some small tricks to increase the contradiction between the object and the third party

(N-6) and so on each other self-explosion, they naturally produce contradictions.

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