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Although women are more able to express their language than men, most women do not know how to express their love, often through other ways to convey their feelings, because of the differences between men and women so that men do not fully understand what women want to express, and even misunderstand the love conveyed by women, resulting in emotional crisis. Below I will teach girls in intimate relationships, how to express their love smoothly. This way of expression is more efficient, communication is more smooth, but also allows women to be free to be themselves.

“How to express love in a long distance relationship”

Love Tips: How do couples in love express love?

Don’t turn the corner and express love in a way that boys can understand

First, men and women are different, do not take it for granted that boys understand you

Although two people are the closest partners in life, because of the differences between men and women, individuals have differences, so we can not fully understand each other, many women feel that men should naturally understand her, but also understand them as a criterion for emotional evaluation. But men and women themselves come from different planets, and it’s natural to assume that men understand that you can hurt your emotions because most of the answers you get are that the other person doesn’t really understand you that well.

Second, you don’t say, the other side will never understand

In intimate relationships, women will always let men guess when men can not guess so come to be angry, but here I need to tell female friends, you do not say, the other side will never understand, you do not raise your needs, the other side will not be able to accurately guess.

Third, frank expression, reduce the cost of communication

Girls are a very strange species, on the one hand, she is so in need of love, hope that the other side can see her desire, hope to express love for each other, but they do not know how to directly say “I need your care”, “I need you to love me”, “I love you” and other words for but in a negative way to express, which will increase the cost of communication. In the emotional world, we need to express our love in a free manner to communicate efficiently.

How to express love in real life.

In addition to language, there are many ways to convey love, the following cherish the net red lady according to the actual situation to give some advice to girls, to help female friends in life freely express love, so that the two sides communicate more harmoniously.

“How to express love in a long distance relationship”


First, through daily care to express love

All said that want to capture a man’s heart, to capture a man’s stomach, although this sentence seems to make no sense, but the philosophy is to give each other love in daily life, express love, although it is a simple meal but can show your love and concern for her.

Second, through the language to express love

People are visual, auditory animals, language can play an efficient role in communication. In daily life must not be stingy your praise, your love, this expression of words can promote each other’s feelings, a “good morning” “good night”, a sentence “I love you” “I like you”, although seemingly simple, but to give people nourishment, let people have a full sense of security.

Third, through companionship and understanding to express love

Sometimes love does not need to say out loud, do not need you to do something sensational, just you can give companionship and understanding, need you to give you a hug when your partner is frustrated, give a short sentence of encouragement when the partner is depressed, accompany each other to work together to eat together, give acceptance and understanding of the most beautiful expression. Many times, although the emotion will have some waves, most of the time is plain two people feel comfortable together, but it is this bland companionship and understanding, rarer. The maintenance of emotion requires both parties to give and understand it. Isn’t life made up of so many ordinary Japanese characters? It is precisely because of the perennial accumulation of companionship and understanding so that both sides understand each other more cherish this relationship.

“How to express love in a long distance relationship”

This is a world that emphasizes love, but also a world that does not know how to express love, we often do not know how to express their love in daily life, female friends always let boys guess, but also set a variety of tests, let boys go through customs. The world of feelings need not be so complex, open expression of their love, not only to meet their desire to express but also to let the other side see your love so that both sides of the emotion more intense. Emotion itself is a two-way mechanism, only in which you put love, express love, you can harvest love, feel love. Here I advise women in the relationship, may wish to be direct, a little frank, let love come more violent.

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