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There are always women who habitually ask, I am personally good, why no man likes me? In fact, men are easy to impetuous groups in the process of men and women, women should follow the simple principle, do not give men too much trouble, otherwise, he designated away from you.

So, here’s the question, which nine types of women do men least want to approach?

“Why don t guys approach me—-which ten women do men want to approach most”

 First, childish girl.

 Childish women are also called 100,000 why women. Such gestures can be used at work, or colleagues may feel that you are a progressive person. But still, in front of the lover, the lover will feel complete and you are two worlds of people. He can help you grow, but he can’t do it to you

Build it. To this end, women before marriage to their own practice are very important, in front of the lover too childish, will only be looked down up to by the other side.

 Second, a woman with a bad temper.

 Common men say that marrying a daughter-in-law is gentle and virtuous. In other words, men hate women’s tantrums. In fact, the woman who loves Sprinkle is not self-cultivated enough.

 Three, curious woman.

 Everyone has secrets in their hearts that can’t be told, and everyone has weaknesses that they don’t want to be touched by others, especially men, who refuse to be transparent in front of their loved ones. So how do women know what men can’t touch? That is, when a woman mentions something about a man, a man immediately becomes angry. To this end, smart women in front of the man’s shortboard, must do to see through but not break.

“Why don t guys approach me—-which ten women do men want to approach most”

 Four, suspicious woman.

 They all say ‘seeing is the truth’, in fact, sometimes they see or ‘biased’. And because everyone sees the problem from different angles, for this reason, women must not impose their own ideas on men, especially do not some of the ‘arbitrary’ to men blurted out. Compare the heart to the heart, who is willing to back

No charges? To do this, love chooses to trust.

“Why don t guys approach me—-which ten women do men want to approach most”

 V. Complain about women.

 Life is a parabola trajectory, there is a career-low or do the wrong thing is human nature. Men in this situation, already in a bad mood and very guilty, at this time, the woman plus little complaints, it is simply ‘God to make up the knife’. In this situation, men will have a new negative energy view of you.

 Six, break up the girl.

 Usually, a woman uses a break-up or divorce just to want men to pay more attention to themselves, but when a woman frequently hangs up about a breakup or divorce, it gives a man an ominous omen: whether she really wants to leave me. Once a man has this thought, he will not pay with his heart

go out. In the end, men will feel hopeless in this feeling and choose to pull away.

 Seven, cheating woman.

 Men are most disgusted with being cheated on by their loved ones. Although today’s cheating men also try to forgive their wives for their betrayals. But cheating leaves a wound in a man’s heart that he can’t heal for the rest of his life. Especially when the two sides quarrel or men’s pessimism erupts, men like to repeat old things. To do this, women must read the importance of loyalty.

 Eight, worship the golden girl.

 Women should never praise other men for how rich they are in front of their boyfriends or husbands. You know, every man actually has a heart that wants to be a rich man. When a woman identifies a man, she will spend all day talking about money. Otherwise, it will increase the pressure on men. Once let the man’s heart

Under the weight of your money theory, he will dump you: who has the money to find whom to go.

 Nine, nagging girl.

 The most important thing in human-to-human communication is verbal communication, especially the care between lovers, most of which comes from Ding Jing. But dinging and nagging are two different things. When a woman keeps nagging, it makes men resentful.

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