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If the boy does not take the initiative to chat, but every time he sends a message will basically second back, that is, 80 percent of the time will be seconds back, then he is very likely to be interesting to you, but may not be particularly familiar with the relationship, temporarily more open. Do not know when to send a message, do not know what to say hello, generally hesitate for a long time is not to say something, a hesitancy to drag, late into the night, afraid to disturb each other, can not, even if the occasional message is also sent at night, the day basically will not send information, such boys are basically interesting to girls.

“Why don t guys approach me—boys do not take the initiative to chat with you is not like it”

If the boy starts seconds back, behind very a few seconds back, and the tone is a little impatient, then he is most likely bored, starting with face or freshness, after he feels you disturb his normal life, in this case, every additional message you send to him, will only increase his disgust with you. And if you send a message regardless of time, it will only increase his antipathy, seemingly intimate good morning and good night will only make him more irritable. If he replies that the information is very late to reply, every time to find a reason to say that he did not see the information, then I would advise you to give up early. 

There is also a situation, boys have feelings for you, occasionally send messages suggesting that the relationship should go further, but has not been the clear answer, a long time will lose confidence in you, and whether this relationship can begin to have doubts, over time will feel that has been so consumed and fruitless, so no longer send information.

“Why don t guys approach me—boys do not take the initiative to chat with you is not like it”

All in all, if a boy is interested in girls, it is basically impossible not to take the initiative to send information, even if the introverted boys, really meet like girls, he will occasionally send messages to keep in touch. If you chat with him, his tone is not very good, but if you take a long time to send him a message, find that his attitude is slightly better, or even to show you, I’m afraid it is not that he likes you, he is just afraid of losing the kind of vanity you love him.

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