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Whether you’re dating or dating, if you’re in a relationship and plan to spend a lot of time with her, the first time you meet should be at 4:30 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. on the weekend. 

“When is the right time to ask a girl out”

Why is that?

(1) Formal dating attitude and preparation for a second date.

(2) Give adequate preparation time.

(3) If the feeling is not the same as imagined, leave in time, without affecting other arrangements.

Formal dating attitude and preparation for a second date:

When the four o’clock afternoon date begins, for the girl, she realizes that the two of you will spend the whole afternoon and evening together, which is a complete-time period and seems more formal.

On the other hand, after the weekend appointment, the next time can be about Wednesday night.

Time is not short or long, that is, to maintain the intimacy of two people, and not because the beginning of frequent meetings leads to resistance of girls.

At the same time, it can also effectively prevent someone from taking advantage of this period.

After all, it’s only the first time you’ve met, and your relationship with the girls isn’t really strong.

Give girls plenty of time to prepare:

On weekends, girls generally choose to sleep until they wake up naturally, stay in bed, brush their phones, and actually get up at about twelve o’clock.

Simply pack it up, order another takeaway, and it’ll be a little faster to finish.

Most of the girls are long hair, just wash their heads may take more than half an hour, and then ponder what they should wear today, almost an hour or more, it is already two o’clock.

Plus the place where the girl lives from where you agreed, generally also have about half an hour away, as early as two and a half.

If girls get up early in the morning, they usually take a break at noon, and two o’clock is almost the time for them to wake up.

Set aside another hour of grooming time, half an hour of travel consumption.

Also, they need to be left with a certain amount of time to deal with other conditions, such as clothing matching difficulties, stomach difficulties and so on.

“When is the right time to ask a girl out”

So, four or four-thirty is a more appropriate time to give girls plenty of time to prepare.

If there is a big gap between feeling and imagination, leaving in time does not affect other arrangements:

In addition to real-life friends, dating people often have dating people and friends they know on the Internet.

Then you have to face a problem, the other person’s actual situation may not be the same as you know.

After all, looks can be beautiful, sound can be sound cards, knowledge may be searched.

And when you start dating at four o’clock, if you find out after a meeting that you’re far from what you expect, and you’re often embarrassed about your chat, it’s been a long time since you started dating.

At this time, the timely end of this appointment, around five o’clock, does not affect your other arrangements.

Finally, I wish you all an early find the right another half for yourself, I am Wan Taolu, want to chat with you about the love of those ways.

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