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Maybe you and a girl chatted for a long time, but has not known when should ask her out, in this way has been dragging, dragging to the end each other did not have the original enthusiasm, so have not seen the face on the light. Maybe you just know a girl, before you talk about the heat you ask for someone else, and finally, the girls think you don’t rely on you to blacken. So how long can I talk about girls coming out?

“When is the right time to ask a girl out—-let her not refuse you”

First, there is no clear time limit

Chat how long can ask girls out without a clear time frame, mainly to see the character of girls. Before meeting the best or on WeChat first simple chat, WeChat expression package more, and from time to time can also share a music link picture or something, can be very convenient to pull up close, and so feel a little familiar and kind, you can naturally meet girls and you.

If you see it directly, it’s bound to be a little awkward, because you don’t know anything, it’s basically the kind of one-question-and-answer interview that’s basically sitting face-to-face when you first meet. You experience it yourself.

Second, look for the opportunity to meet girls

Although you are not good to go directly to meet girls, you can get a lot of information through daily chat with girls. For example, ask a girl, “What do you usually do off work?” It means “what hobbies do you have?” “Are you free for the weekend” is actually the equivalent of asking, “Can I ask you for a weekend?” You can inquire in advance when the girl is free, then you take the opportunity to ask her, she is embarrassed to refuse you because she just told you the weekend is all right.

“When is the right time to ask a girl out—-let her not refuse you”

Many boys chat with girls, girls’ response is not good, because your chat did not mobilize the mood of girls, resulting in girls feel that chatting with you is very boring, slowly will not return to you, or even black you. It used to happen a lot, don’t mention how depressed, and then on WeChat found a small program, called — stupid boy love assistant, whenever and girls chat, I open this WeChat small program, put what girls say into a search, it will tell me how to reply to girls, and there are a lot of chat cases and off-sheet tutorials to learn. Now I chat with girls, a chat a quasi, basically can smoothly take home, you know. With this artifact, a sister takes off a single, light and relaxed thing.

Three, down the road

When you chat with a girl, you always know where she lives and where she works! Then if one day down the road (or not along the road), the value inadvertently said to take us very close ah, do you want to make a wow or something. As long as the girl does not say especially hate you, but you still have a little expectation, then she will be the trend to agree to your date, after all, you are all here. On the other hand, if the girl clearly has nothing to refuse, then you should be able to understand what she means!

“When is the right time to ask a girl out—-let her not refuse you”

Finally, I would like to share with you some and girls through chat after meeting in the dating problems, the first meeting must give girls a good impression, dating process to pick up more girls interested in topics to chat, dating content is best to solicit the views of girls so that the chat atmosphere is active. Don’t give the girl some feeling that you are cringing, show her your gentlemanliness. Finally, at the end of the date, be sure to send the girl home and take the initiative to leave downstairs at home (unless the girl invites you upstairs to sit down).

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