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Sometimes we talk to each other, inadvertently say a lot of wrong words, or do some wrong action.

Then after saying it or accumulating to a certain extent, the other person will not be interested in you, if you do not find the other party in time to disclose the signal that you are not interested in you, then your intimacy will be lower and lower, and eventually lead to the relationship has not yet begun to fail.

Therefore, be able to quickly identify whether the other person is interested in your leaking signals or not, otherwise, your relationship will become more and more difficult to develop under the accumulation of multiple low-interest signals.

“Signs he’s not interested after first date” 

Now share some of the most common low-interest signals with you.

1, sitting position change

If it had been sitting in front of you, it would have been side-sitting. The fact that he doesn’t face you with his limbs and face means he’s a little tired.

2, look at the mobile phone

If in the course of your conversation with her, the other side from time to time to take a look at the mobile phone, indicating that either waiting for the more important person’s information or the other person is now boring.

“Signs he’s not interested after first date”

3, left and right to watch

If the other person is absent-minded and a little sitting still, then you have to be careful.

4, always look at the time

If the other person has been looking at the time, indicating that the other side has no patience to stay here, already want to leave.

Encountering the above questions: 1. Shifting topics 2. Changing body language 3. Take the opportunity to leave

In these situations, indicating that the other person’s impression of you has been relatively negative, then you need to adjust your strategy or make excuses to leave as soon as possible, avoid leaving more bad impressions and give the other person the next bait before leaving, giving you a chance to date again.

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