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Girls will be very concerned about the first date after the boys’ views on their own, boys will not have interest in themselves, if there is real interest, that interest is what kind of performance, the next effort sister will tell you the first date after the boy is interested in your performance.

“Signs he’s not interested after first date—-how to judge a boy’s attitude towards himself”

First, boys will ask girls to go out next time

Boys will ask girls next time to come out to play, directly ask girls where they want to play next time, this situation is the performance of interest.

Boys are interested in a girl will be the first date soon after the end of the girls will come out again to play, because this has more time to get along, and will directly ask girls next time to play instead of the next time there is time to play together, the first is to directly ask girls want to go to the place because so girls can not refuse, and then boys can plan their next trip to play the route, can arrange everything for girls. The second is that boys do not have much interest in girls, this kind of words are generally polite words, not really want to ask girls to come out again to play.

Second, boys talk to girls all the time

Boys have been chatting with girls during dating and then after dating has been looking for girls to chat, because of interest so want to know more.

““Signs he’s not interested after first date—-how to judge a boy’s attitude towards himself”

When a boy shows interest in a girl will want to chat with this girl, because want to show themselves, can give you a good impression, and will chat with you very happy, very happy, very willing to keep up with the rhythm of your conversation, the chat will always listen carefully to what you are saying, will also answer some more can answer the words, if the boy is not so able to speak, but at the dinner table is very good to say that the boy is really interested in you, after the end of the date, If you are interested, you will always chat with you on your phone, will pay attention to your circle of friends, will care about your recent life, on the contrary, boys are not interested in you.


Third, look at the behaviour of boys

If the boy is very careful and enthusiastic about his performance on and after the date, the boy is interested in you.

Boys are interested in a girl can be seen from inside the eyes, the eyes seem to emit light, the boy’s face will always be happy, and you chat the state is like meeting their own voice, will be very happy to smile at you, and then is a little shy to you, if you accidentally have some physical contact then the boy’s face will quickly red up, and then will appear a little nervous. At the dinner table will take the initiative to move your favourite dishes to your front, take the initiative to help you pour drinks, will silently pay attention to the behaviour of girls, because want to take care of girls, after the end of the date will take the initiative to send girls home, and then after the girls safely home, will be at ease to go home alone.

From these three dimensions to consider the comprehensive can get you to want the answer, if there are emotional problems, you can consult me.

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