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All men would rather choose to divorce and divide their property than allow their cheating wives to stay with them.

This is a phenomenon worth studying – we find that it seems that in marriage, men cheat on women to file for divorce less of the time, but once a woman cheats men seem to have almost zero tolerance.

“Forgiveness in marriage”

Why is this different?

From an evolutionary psychological point of view, we seem to be able to find out why men are slightly double-labelled in this matter – women can always be sure that their own children have their own genes, but men are really likely to raise children for others if they don’t look at their wives 24 hours a day.

There is an emphasis on female loyalty in either culture: for men, there is a real fear that they will raise offspring for other men.

After discovering that the husband cheated, the wife would not suspect that the two children were someone else’s, but many of the cheated husbands will immediately be alert, with the child to do paternity test – physiological characteristics determine that men in the transmission of genes there is a natural defect, and this defect is doomed to men will be particularly concerned about this matter.

So we can see that few men can allow their other half to cheat and that men who are cheated often get ridiculed and ridiculed by other same-sex men because genetic inheritance has reached into everyone’s bone marrow – a consciousness that persists in their minds even if they don’t have children now: once they raise the wrong child, it comes at a heavy price, which means that all their investment in the opposite sex is watered down.

So the hardest thing for men is that their wives cheat, and they’ve always had a near-zero-tolerance attitude to it.

It’s funny to say that there are two ways of cheating in relationships, physical and mental, and male women have very different tolerances for both. 

“Forgiveness in marriage”


For women, mental infidelity is the most unbearable, some girls’ boyfriends go out to mess with her at most is quarrelling angry, but if found that boyfriends can not forget other women, she will break up decisively;

But for men, physical infidelity is unbearable, their wives are not heart-to-heart as if many men have not considered this issue, but as long as they find that their girlfriend or wife behind their backs and other men have sex, they will leave without saying a word.

The reason for this is that genetically determined mates are being chosen strangely: women are genetically inclined to find a stable man to support their lives and help them raise and support their offspring because of the physiological characteristics of pregnancy.

A partner’s physical infidelity does not affect the spread of his or her genes, and the child will always be his or her own, but the partner’s mental infidelity means that it may cut off support for herself and for future generations – which is unbearable for women.

Men, on the other hand, are the opposite: it doesn’t matter if their wives think of other men because their genes can spread as long as they are willing to have a child for themselves;

Of course, it’s not about washing the floor for any kind of cheating, in fact, all emotional infidelity is unforgivable, and we’re just taking a different perspective and comparing why men and women feel so differently about it.

“Forgiveness in marriage”

As a result, few men can forgive their wives for cheating, which is a cruel humiliation for them, preferring to split their property or even go out of their homes rather than accept a lost wife.

Because they had acquired wealth before, they had entered into marriage because the genes in their bones required them to pass on and reproduce, and once there was a problem with reproduction, nothing was meaningful about wealth or marriage.

Therefore, in a marriage, the most striking wife is the husband does not love themselves, and the most important husband’s life is to find the wife and others to sleep.

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