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There can be happiness, however, most have been difficult to restore to the original happiness, the main reason is that one party cheated on the extramarital affairs destroyed the trust of one party in the other’s heart.

Forgiveness in marriag—–can you be happy after being forgiven

1. It is only intellectual to forgive extramarital affairs

One party has an extramarital affair and is forgiven by the other, and the one who can forgive is generally at the intellectual level. However, to know that feelings are not the same thing at all,

Too much reason is needed to sustain it.

Feelings are most of the time do not obey the law, is a feeling, not unknown, now put feelings on the level of reason, that is the same as counting.

That year the article derailed, Ma Yiyi a “marriage is not easy, and do and cherish” generous forgiveness of the article, the article also returned to the family.

According to the Internet said that the article for this purpose also specifically proposed another Ma Yiyi, which shows how sincere the article wants to return to the heart.

But, I said at the time, they’re not going back.

I was able to say this at that time, the main reason is that I know that the article and The combination of Ma Yiyi, the emotional component is too strong, it is no exaggeration to say that their union is the most love should have the appearance.

Forgiveness in marriag—–can you be happy after being forgiven

When a woman marries a man in search of love, she will demand love more unconsciously and subconsciously in her marriage.

Well, if the man betrays her love, it is difficult for her to forgive the man from the bottom of her heart.

At the time of the article derailment, Ma Yixuan was still on the moon where he had two daughters, and because two people were people in the entertainment industry, whether from the economic bundle, advertising bundle,

In all respects, the article of forgiveness was a rational way for Ma Yiyi to maximize his interests at that time.

However, when the wind passed, they returned to the ordinary husband and wife life, returned to the life of the rich oil salt sauce vinegar tea,

The thorn of the article betrayal will come out from time to time to interfere with each other’s love, each other’s sense of trust. At this time the most real feelings appear.

Therefore, after two people in the effort, still choose to break up happy, but also can say the past.

2. Balzac said: Some sins can only be redeemed, can not be washed!

Yes, some sins can only be redeemed, not washed away. The writer sheep wrote that when she had the baby, her husband was going home to rest.

She signed it with trembling hands as she lay on the delivery bed, and filed for divorce shortly after the baby was born.

Later her ex-husband for a long time, because of guilt all kinds of ways to make compensation, but she can not forgive and remarry.

She said she could look her ex-husband in the eye, but her ex-husband couldn’t look her in the eye.

A long time ago, a writer gave an example of cheating:

After you killed someone, you buried people in your backyard, the next year you planted a lot of expensive flowers on it, flowers bloom very delicately, you can meet during the day to appreciate the backyard flowers,

However, when the night is quiet when you are alone, you will still think of a person buried in the backyard.

Marriage cheating and this is actually the same, many people try to forgive the other half of the cheating, and later found that they overestimated themselves.

This inexcusable is generally because each other loves each other too much, is the kind of love to walk together marriage.

However, there are also can live together, feeling and the original no difference, that is, your other half in the marriage of your core needs for you does not love at all.

Online very early on a man’s advice, said that he and his wife have no love, is two people together to live together, why they live very happy.

I say it’s because the core needs of your marriage are either love or life, so if you meet someone who’s already living together,

Forgiveness in marriag—–can you be happy after being forgiven


That’s the same as it used to be because she doesn’t care if you cheat or who’s not.

One of my colleagues said that her wife didn’t come home at night, and the next day came home to see him at home, and then told him I had no cell phone last night.

He said I didn’t call you at all, you’re willing to do whatever you want.

You see this even if one side cheats, the other side is also feelingless, so it is not to be forgiven can be happy?

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