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Some people say that there is no sex for a long time

It can cause headaches, insomnia, hair loss, and poor skin

It’s like as long as you don’t have sex.

Everything you’ve heard of is going to suffer

Is it true or “rogue”?

Have sex, really have these effects?

“When the sex stops in your relationship”

∷ Women’s ∷


Will the vagina be tighter without sex?

Sex does not lead to vaginal relaxation, the real influence is age and pregnancy. Does it mean that if you don’t have sex all your life, you won’t lose all your life?

For young healthy women, long-term do not have sex, the vagina will not change anything;

For menopausal women, a long absence of sex may cause vaginal atrophy to shrink faster.

As women enter menopause, estrogen levels gradually decline, and degenerative lesions occur in collagen fibres, elastic fibres, and smooth muscles in the vaginal molybone. Studies have found that in menopausal or menopausal women, regular sex may increase the blood supply of pelvic organs, effectively prevent vaginal atrophy. 


Does not have sex cause pain?

Some people say that a long time without sex will affect hormone secretion, and even cause pain!

Estrogen is secreted by the ovaries, and there is no sex life has nothing to do with okay!

Although there is a saying that orgasms can produce endorphins that help relieve pain, it is not that the pain of not having sex will be more serious!

In other words, estrogen levels are maintained by the ovaries plus pituitary and hypothalamus.

“When the sex stops in your relationship”

∷ Men’s ∷


Does semen clot without sex?

If a male friend doesn’t have sex and doesn’t have sex with five girls, the sperm ends in two: run out on his own (full of complacency), or grow old alone.

More than 90% of the ingredients in semen are water, how to solidify?


Will Tintin be soft or “don’t lift” without sex?

The argument is that Tintin “the more you don’t use it, the less useful it is.” The American Medical Journal has published an article that says:

Men who had less frequent sex were twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction as men who had regular sex.

In fact, there is no strong evidence of a link between low frequency of sex and erectile dysfunction. But we seem to be able to understand it differently:

It’s because you’re “not good” that you’re less willing and frequent to have sex, aren’t you?

“When the sex stops in your relationship”


Does not have sex cause prostate cancer?

Some argue that chronic contact between glandular cells and their secretions can lead to cancer and that regular discharge of semen to allow new cells to build up can help prevent the build-up of ageing cells that may turn into malignant tumours and reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Researchers at Boston University followed 32,000 healthy men for 18 years and found that men in the 20-29 and 40-49 age groups had more than 21 ejaculations per month, reducing their risk of prostate cancer by 19 percent and 22 percent, respectively, compared to men aged 4 to 7.

Some studies suggest that, contrary to this view, there is currently no unified view.


Would you break your life if you didn’t have sex?

It is said that sex helps to improve men’s immunity, and not having sex will reduce immunity. There are many ways to improve immunity, sports like playing ball ah, fitness ah, swimming ah and so on can ah!

It has been said that the frequency of orgasms is negatively correlated with the mortality rate from cardiovascular disease, meaning that people who have two orgasms a week have a mortality rate of less than half of those who have one orgasm per month.

Cycling can also reduce the risk and mortality of cardiovascular disease!

Make a summary: whether you have sex or not to have sex is good, provided that pay attention to hygiene, measure.

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