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Scientists from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus and Shanghai conducted a study of 1,099 couples/couples to investigate their sex lives, published in the academic journal Evolution Psychology.

The researchers found that the reasons why couples no longer have sex are as follows:

1. Reduced enthusiasm (32%)

2. Lack of personal time and space (31%)

3. Working too long (30%)

4. The quality of sex itself is not high (29%)

5. The other half had infidelity or abuse (24%)

6. Role issues (24%)

7. Bonding (22%)

“When the sex stops in your relationship—-why don’t people in a relationship want to have sex?”

8. Reasons for children (20%)

9. Lack of effort (18%)

10. There is a third party in the relationship (16%)

11. Questions in social circles (15%)

12. Behavioural problems (10%)

Of the 1,099 volunteers who took part in the survey, the researchers found that the most common cause was a “decrease in enthusiasm”, followed by a “lack of personal time and space”, and many felt a lot of pressure to report their position and actions at all times, which directly “extinguished” libido. “Working long hours leading to no libido” is the third most popular answer. The fourth answer with the largest number of responses was “bad sex”, in which women reported higher levels of “bad sexual behaviour” than men.

And for those who are not monogamous, the inability to maintain their loyalty to their partner leads them to “eat in a bowl and think about the pot” and get bored having sex with one of them.

One of the “social circle problems” mainly refers to friction with a partner’s friends and family;


Seventy percent of the participants said at least one factor influenced their sexual activity with their partner, while 41 percent said there were three or more reasons that influenced their behaviour.

“When the sex stops in your relationship—-why don’t people in a relationship want to have sex?”

For most people, maintaining intimacy is crucial, but many face considerable difficulties, mainly because of the emotional pain they cause, says founder Professor Meneleos Apostolou. They believe that pointing out these difficulties is the most important step in improving people’s relationships and the first step toward change.

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