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First, say at the front, let him come to you, don’t you go to him

1. Don’t blindly add aura to him because you like online lovers

Because it is online love so you may have more contact on the Internet through chat, but chat is really a double-edged sword, he may deliberately or inadvertently set up a good image for themselves when chatting, chat typing certainly did not face-to-face speech directly, which caused you two in the chat when he has a lot of time to think about the answer to the question (except straight man), for example, he will make you think he is a gentleman, is full of positive energy, but this is he in the chat to give you the feeling, After meeting must be as if do not know the same to re-contact, can not secretly give him a good feeling Oh – to keep calm!

2. Hold hands, hug, kiss your mouth, what step do you want to do when you meet for the first time?

“Online dating when to meet”

Maybe you have identified the relationship on the Internet ah, after meeting if you still think this person is very good, then the first time I meet I think to pull hand on it if you really think this person, super can! You can’t help but want to have more intimate contact, then I think to kiss, net love run itself I think is a very fast process, so after meeting but to slow down the pace, we all say not too fast to have intimate contact, otherwise, the other side will not cherish, although this varies from person to person, we really can’t guarantee that we meet is not a bad man who doesn’t cherish, this risk can’t take ah!!! Have sex do not think about, if he offered this article, or to you to move manual feet, or pretend to inadvertently move your manual feet, sisters, take the bag away.

3. What should I do when I meet?

The meal is to eat, the movie is to see, in fact, choose the place to eat ah, choose to see what movie ah, are you testing what character he is the process, just met to try more is always right, and in fact, he is also trying you? Everyone is an adult, just as soon as we meet the enthusiasm from 0 to 100 actually does not exist,

But sleep is never sleeping, if you are a boy, see you the first face dare to sleep with you girl, you are afraid.

“Online dating when to meet”

4. Meet the expenses who will pay

Generally speaking, at this time the boys are trying to show their own, eat ah play ah what if he wants to spend money, you can give him a let if he insists on spending let him spend, and finally you buy him a small gift.

5. What to do if you don’t call him after meeting

I have seen a few cold violence, meet before every day before love, what, after meeting you and he spoke, he immediately and you draw a line between “we are just ordinary friends, you do not want too much, I went busy” this kind of truth makes people more uncomfortable, so in fact, good together is the best, if you do not like him to say clearly, do not feel guilty to continue to contact, believe me, you will be more difficult.

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