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There are many ways to fall in love, now many people will choose the way of online love, but the two people who love often do not meet or have not met, that online love can not meet for how long? In fact, online love is also more dangerous because, because two people often do not meet or have not met, but on the Internet to know this is an unreal phenomenon, if not meet, I feel that at most can maintain it for half a year. Can only feel the other side through imagination, very dangerous, because people are fresh, after a period of time no freshness, then this relationship will be light, will give up. But this is not certain, because two people together if the time is long, feel want to meet, then this relationship is still more real, if you have not met, then it is not very real.

“Online dating when to meet—-6 stages of online love” 

First, online love can not meet for how long

In fact, network love can not meet how long, it depends on how deep the feelings between two people, there are many people even if two people do not meet, feelings are Also Hang Seng because after all, chat on the Internet for so long, most of the internet love do not meet, generally maintain half a year will break up because often do not see h face also, do not know what the other side is, or even his appearance has not seen, so that people will have a sense of panic, slowly between the two people there is no novelty.

Second, what are the six stages of online love?

1, the first stage is hazy seven, this period between two people is more want to know each other, this time will fantasize about what the other side is like, or fantasy between two people will produce what kind of feelings.

2, the second stage is the sweet period, this time each other like each other, and no matter where the heart will always miss a person, or in their free time will always think of each other.

3, the third stage is the attachment period, like a person sometimes wants to be with him, or two people want to meet. The 11th love is also a kind of miss, often think of each other.

4, the fourth stage is the anti-dependency period, this period is also very delicate, the general couple in this stage will have some contradictions, because these contradictions and break up there are many.

“Online dating when to meet—-6 stages of online love”


5, the fifth stage is independent, this time each other also understands knows what kind of person, slowly will feel that the other side is not what they want, this time will be independent.

6, the sixth stage is the stabilization period, if after the first three periods of two people have not broken up, then this period decided to be together.

Online love is actually a more dangerous kind because two people do not meet, then the maintenance time will not be too long.

In life, online love is also more common, because now is a network period, from some channel to know two people, perhaps may have a good feeling for each other, that network love can not meet for how long? For an online love, if often do not see or a face is not seen, then this relationship is also precarious, up to half a year will produce a sense of crisis. A relationship has a sense of crisis, or the other side has no good feeling, also do not want to explore the possibility of this time two people may break up, I a lot of people online love is to play just play, so there are many people will not take online love seriously, perhaps only in their own very lonely moment will think of each other. Because two people have not seen each other once, after all, are illusory, do not know what the other side is like character, how, only on the Internet chat to understand so little, so the chances of success of online love are also very low.

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