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Why do middle-aged men like to look for young women, don’t like looking for old women? Because he can’t find it. Half a million can handle a young woman, 50 million can’t figure out an old woman, she’ll just tell you to roll.

1. Old women mature

Young women are naïve

Most young women, have not experienced the grind of emotional wind and rain, feelings full of pure fantasy, longing for fairy-tale love, and easily believe in others, carelessness will be counted.

As long as he shows off a little, the young woman thinks he’s “successful.”

As long as his love words are better, young women think he is super “romantic”; 

“Older man younger woman—-why do middle-aged men like young women”

As long as he is careful and considerate, young women think he is a “warm man”;

As long as give a little favour, young women feel met with “true love”;  

Just a little more sensational little story, young women will be the sea of vows, to promise each other.


In front of young women full of worship and admiration, middle-aged men resurrected with blood, youth reappeared; 


And experienced emotional waves, coupled with many years of practice of the old woman, has long been transformed into a high emotional intelligence, personality independence, full of wisdom charm woman.


They know what they want, what kind of man suits themselves, but also practiced a pair of identifying scum men’s eyes.


How can a few sweet words, a few strategies, and a few sensational stories get into an old woman?

 “Older man younger woman—-why do middle-aged men like young women”

2.5 million chased a young woman 

50 million can’t catch an old woman

Young women who have just graduated have young capital and are not short of beauty and time. But they lack ability, experience, and money.

Job instability, the workplace is too complex, but also often into the future do not know where to go from the confusion.

The crisis of survival fills young women with a strong sense of insecurity.  

So they often dream of filling their inner needs: when will a strong man save themselves?  

Most young women have just emerged from ivory towers and lack social experience. In the face of the unknown world, they are full of confusion and powerlessness, coupled with the cruelty of reality, they can easily fall into a lonely and helpless panic.

At this point, if a powerful middle-aged man appears, they are more likely to project their love on them. The value of money and the power of middle-aged men provide them with the strongest umbrella.

And most of the old women, after years of hard work and accumulation in the workplace, have a certain amount of fixed assets and money.

Money means more freedom and choice.  

For the other half of the choice, then the strength of money, the old woman more value their real needs.

Bags can buy their own, houses can supply themselves, cars can drive their own. Why choose a middle-aged greasy man? 

Can you give me a lot of love? Can you empathize with me in your soul? Will you make me happy?

If not, please walk away for me.

 “Older man younger woman—-why do middle-aged men like young women”

3. Young women are in control, old women are difficult to control

In women after the age of 30, sexuality is only just beginning, Time reported. “Middle-aged women are America’s most diligent model of labour in terms of sex.”

Sex is a skill that can be skilled.

By the age of 30, most women are sexually blind, lacking in knowledge and skills, and less able to enjoy it.

After the age of 30, they began to get rid of the greenness and stubbornness, began to awaken, began to respect their desires and feelings, to express their sexual needs, to bloom, to enjoy.  


They understand what stimuli work best for them and how interactions work best.


Women over the age of 40 have the best sex life than at any other age group, and women in their 40s feel more “sexually blessed” than at age 20, according to a new study.


And middle-aged men?


The blood and rain of the workplace have consumed most of his energy, going home to cope with old and small, coupled with long-term drinking and smoking pay, lack of exercise, the sexual function also followed the decline.


Middle-aged men simply can’t resist, like old women like wolves and tigers.

In front of experienced women, middle-aged men tend to lack self-confidence. 

And young women are in a state of ignorance and shyness about sex and are also passive in their behaviour. In front of them, middle-aged men are experienced mentors who are more controlling and confident.

Middle-aged men, why do they like to look for young women, do not like to find old women? 

Not because the old women are getting older and less energetic, but because they simply can’t find it!

Many older women are growing up against the cage, not only become more beautiful, more energetic but also after years of experience, their self-awareness began to awaken, they are more aware of their own inner real needs and desires.

Old woman, just look for someone who wants to love and deserves to be loved.

Old women used to be young women, and young women will eventually grow into old women.

Every woman has gone through the process from greenness to maturity, from dependence to independence.

Whenever a woman’s inner desire for love does not change.

It is only in the continuous growth, we have learned to see what is true love but also learned, how to love.

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