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Today, when talking about men looking for wives, their first reaction is, must be looking for a beautiful young girl.

Whether it’s flirting or real thinking, it’s partly an indication of the general psychology of men, who are more inclined to age and appearance when looking for a wife.

On the one hand, men want their wives not to be married, have good children, and be able to keep a home. On the other hand, no man under the sun doesn’t want his wife to look beautiful.

This may be the common psychology of most men, and therefore, lead to more and more men left, more and more difficult to find a wife, because at the same time to meet these two conditions of women are actually quite difficult to find.

So, the question is, do men really want to marry an 18-year-old girl? Many women can not help but sigh, they really do not understand the man’s psychology, it seems that no matter what age of men, are particularly fond of young girls.

So, on this issue, specially interviewed three men to see from a man’s point of view, how do they really see this phenomenon?

“Older man younger woman—-interviewed three men, the answer was unexpected”


Mr. Liu: A superficial man wants to marry an 18-year-old girl

Mr. Liu is 38 years old, works in a public institution, and his wife married for seven years, feelings are particularly good.

Mr. Liu said that he could never find an 18-year-old girl, no matter how beautiful she was. Because most of these young girls do not understand, simply can not stand the baptism of marriage life, nor suitable for marriage.

Some men like 18-year-old girls can only say that they themselves are relatively superficial, the marriage of understanding and understanding is not enough. Moreover, about marriage, or need to be men and women at a certain level, otherwise living together will not be happy.

Imagine, a graduate husband married a junior high school graduate girl, two people together can talk about what? Marriage view, values are not the same, life is more unlikely to live in harmony.

“Older man younger woman—-interviewed three men, the answer was unexpected”

Therefore, Mr. Liu believes that the more high-level men, but will not find 18-year-old girls to marry. It’s not that girls are bad, and marriage isn’t.

Moreover, in the search for a wife, there must be a high demand, the average woman can not find, no matter how beautiful you are, it is difficult to get his favour.

On the contrary, it is the men who are very superficial in themselves who are bent on marrying 18-year-old girls.


Mr. Wang: Looking for an 18-year-old girl? You’re talking about bad men

When I asked Mr. Wang this question, Mr. Wang said in his first words, looking for an 18-year-old girl to get married, you are talking about a bad man, otherwise, there is a brain problem.

Mr. Wang is 40 years old and has been married to his wife for eight years.

Mr. Wang is the company, and his wife is his company’s financial, two people together to take care of the company in an orderly way. Both husband and wife get along very well at work and in life.

At first, Mr. Wang and his wife are close to each other, just with a try attitude, and then add friends to each other. Then, in their spare time, two people often chat, and then each other feel that many aspects can reach a consensus.

In this way, two people began dating, after more than two months of dating, both sides are very satisfied, so they married.

Mr. Wang said that he must be mature to find his wife, it is impossible to find young girls. In his opinion, young and beautiful girls, not like a vase, in addition to good-looking, and no practical use.

Moreover, in the marriage of such a life event, it is not possible to find a woman to get married at will, must be through communication to understand, before the final decision.

Therefore, those 18-year-old girls, no matter how beautiful, can not be in his choice, marry such a girl home, like a princess, their work is busy, but also to take care of her, to find trouble for themselves?

Mr. Wang also said something so blunt to me:

Those who like to find 18-year-old girls men, estimated that the majority of bad men, normal career men, who will do so? It’s a bad man who wants to find beautiful young girls all day long and bully people’s feelings.

Like a truly mature man, has his own career, itself has certain cultivation, in the search for a wife, more concerned about women’s character, values, will live and other factors, as to whether women are young and beautiful, is not the most important.

So a really mature man doesn’t marry an 18-year-old girl. 

“Older man younger woman—-interviewed three men, the answer was unexpected”


Mr. Yang: It’s better to be a mature woman, but an 18-year-old girl can be sensible

Mr. Yang is 32 years old, a middle manager of the company, unmarried.

When he talked to Mr. Yang about the problem, he felt a little embarrassed, maybe he was unmarried, some unnatural.

Mr. Yang said that he found several girlfriends, did not talk about success, there are two main reasons, one is that the other side suspects that his economic conditions are poor, and the other is that he will not hurt people, nor romantic.

Mr. Yang felt that the younger and more beautiful girls, the more they pay attention to romance and fun, if men can not hurt them very well, create romance, it is difficult to get their sincerity.

By contrast, he prefers to find mature women who don’t just focus on these superficial things but can live a real life.

Therefore, Mr. Yang, this year dated a woman, 30 years old, undergraduate, will take into account the feelings of others, to receive things that are particularly cultivated and polite.

Mr. Yang and she have not formally decided on a relationship, but the two people still have a smooth relationship, each other feel very good.

In Mr. Yang’s view, there are still more mature women about marriage. Of course, if there is an 18-year-old girl, she is very sensible, it is also possible.

On the issue of mate selection, both sides will pick, not unilateral behaviour, so still need two people can get along.

Finally, Mr. Yang said, 18-year-old girls and men do like it, but if they really want to get married, young girls may not be the first choice.


After interviewing the above three men, I think what they said is not unreasonable, perhaps in real life, not all men want to marry 18-year-old girls.

Moreover, they give me the feeling that men, like women, do not feel free to find someone to marry, are quite cautious.

This is even more evidence that, whether it is free to love or dating, men and women are in a two-way choice, only when they really fit for each other, it is possible to successfully enter the marriage.

For 18-year-old beautiful girls, in men’s marriage choices, is not the main goal, or they are not the target group of men to marry a wife.

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