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Just kissed me, turn to each other into dreamland, a lot of people have encountered this kind of thing, and the heart is slightly resistant, this time is not just a good time to talk together? This can’t help but make some sisters think he doesn’t love you, but it’s not.

1, the cause of pineal globin

Boys after shooting the body secrete cilantro, also known as melatonin, hypnotic anti-free radicals to improve immunity, so most men will want to sleep.

“My husband wants sex but not intimacy”

2, mental tension caused

Boys have sex, the nerves are highly excited, nervous, ejaculation, nerve and spinal reflex nerves will relax for a period of time, so men generally feel tired.

“My husband wants sex but not intimacy”

3, too tired

Having sex is a sport that requires exercise to the muscles of the whole body, which is very physically draining, and when tiredness strikes after it is done, it naturally feels like you want to sleep.

But the school sister or prompt everyone, after sex does not immediately sleep, it is best to get up to do some daily life things, so that because of tired stimulation and become dull reflex nerves smoothly recovered.

And if you’re done, go to bed upside down, and the dull effect of sleep, combined with the dull effect of tiredness stimulation, can keep fatigued going until the next day, making you feel back pain.

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