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1. After sex, men want to sleep.

At some point during sex, a man can’t go back. This is called ejaculation when the pulse and blood pressure rise. When the action is complete, his penis begins to contract. Now he needs to rest and calm his body down. Most people have to wait a while to try again, but it all depends on age, fitness and impulsivity.

Some people just want to go to bed at this time. Is this a biological need, because it causes women’s dissatisfaction? Scientific studies show that it is natural for men to want to sleep, and for a variety of reasons. Usually, at night, fatigue may be normal. One reason is that men release a lot of depressed anxiety when they reach orgasm, as do women. They may also feel tired, but according to research, it seems that men sleep more after sex. The other thing is brain chemistry, all of which spills out of the brain. When ejaculated in men, it includes serotonin, oxytocin, epinephrine and nitric oxide, some of which are associated with sleep. Compared with masturbation, sex feels much stronger.

“My husband wants sex but not intimacy—-after sex, the boy fell asleep” 

That’s what a doctor said. When it comes to the release of chemicals, they give you a very relaxed feeling, slow down your brain waves and brain function, and make you feel tired. But some people think that the release of hormones is the main reason men want to sleep. A man may start snoring as soon as he turns over.

Boys want to urinate

Another thing is that he might want to urinate. Because some chemicals affect the kidneys, they have the urge to urinate. Some experts also think it’s a natural need to remove bacteria from the urethra. You may find your penis feeling a little sore, but this is normal and don’t worry. It shouldn’t last long if your testicles atrophy, don’t be shocked because it’s normal.

“My husband wants sex but not intimacy—-after sex, the boy fell asleep”

3. Toes can cramp

One doctor explained in an interview with Men’s Health that when you ejaculate, the testicular muscles contract, making your testicles smaller. Finally, your toes may cramp. Obviously, this happens all the time, but only because orgasm stimulates the nerves, especially one in the spine, which affects the toes. If you look at some studies, it also says that some men’s moods have changed dramatically after sex, due to the release of all the tension. All the chemicals came out. This is not surprising. Some men reportedly experience emotional disorders after orgasm, which is thought to be due to the release of large amounts of dopamine. Frees you from a happy or ecstatic drug.

4. About women

About female orgasms. According to an article in Psychology Today, women may not always orgasm, citing a large number of studies, and about half of women regularly orgasm. About 20 percent of women have few orgasms, 20 percent continue to have orgasms, and 5 percent never have orgasms.

“My husband wants sex but not intimacy—-after sex, the boy fell asleep”

People with high testosterone levels release less testosterone after sex, a study has found. The level of men is generally higher. Of course, some women do, but not so much. Those men who turn over after sex and want to sleep also have a lack of oxytocin and women don’t have or rarely feel these feelings. It’s also a time when men need a break as they prepare for a second time.

Breast swelling varies from woman to woman, and many women’s breasts get bigger after sex, and some women get even 25 percent larger, according to Women’s Health. The same article also says that a woman’s clitoris becomes small at orgasm and disappears almost simultaneously. Women become more sensitive. But it’s natural. Other reports say some women become dizzy after having sex, while others feel confident when they see their bodies as more attractive than ever before. In most reports, we can see that some women may experience depression after sex.

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